4-4-4 Week 1

Sunday, October 05, 2014

First up, thank you for all the kind comments on my previous post. I hesitated a little before I hit publish but I should have known you'd be kind and understanding. I feel better about things, having decided to talk it over when the right time presents itself.

So, week 1 of challenge 4-4-4.

I guess I should start by listing the items in the challenge?

The tops
Short sleeve black and white stripe top  /  long sleeve navy and white stripe top  /  white embroidered top  /  grey jumper

The bottoms
Distressed skinny jeans  /  black skinny jeans  /  bootcut jeans  /  pink maxi skirt

The long sleeves / warmer options
Green cardigan  /  longline tweedy jacket  /  khaki mac /  black poncho

The dresses
Chambray dress  /  grey sweater dress...

The final two options were this khaki dress and this navy dress, however I've decided against these.

The navy one because it is a summer dress, looks fab with sandals and bare legs but not tights and boots. And the khaki dress because I put it on and though 'yuck!' and promptly put it in the charity bag (one less item in the wardrobe can only be a good thing).

So, these last two items remain 'open'. I'd like to add two more dresses but I think warm tops would be a better idea. But I'm undecided as yet.

Week One
Saturday, day one. An easy outfit of top and jeans with a few bracelets.

Day two, not a pretty sight. All I could manage was jeans and a jumper and a comforting scarf.

After an impromptu evening out with some old college friends on Saturday night (20 years since we started our degree course together!!) I didn't get out of bed until mid afternoon on Sunday and only got dressed so that I could drive to my Mum's house for a roast dinner. What is it about a roast that can diminish a hangover so effectively?

Day three, Monday, Monday.
Feeling slightly more human I had a meeting so out came my new-to-me longline jacket, a bargain at £4.50 from a charity shop. I promise a better photo next time.

Day four was a quiet day spent in green. I love wearing long sleeve tops under things with 3/4 length sleeves, I don't know why, I just do.

Day five, Wednesday, saw some colour and the first outing of my new top - £9 in the New Look sale.

Thursday and Friday where spent working at home, the first dress of the challenge making an appearance.

So, the first week is up. It felt pretty easy although the thought occurred to me that if it turns really cold I'm going to have to break some rules or spend a lot of time covered in goosebumps. Take a guess at which one I'll choose?

Hope you've had a lovely weekend.


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  1. You look so pretty Hazel! I love the outfits I did go back and read your reply to my comment (as I know you reply, I always check back) and I am glad we could at least try to be there for you!
    Good luck with your challenge! I had a totally cute outfit on today and I really wanted tophotograph it but I had SUCH a headache that I couldn't summon up the energy to open the back door and photograph. I intended to do it but went to lie down for an hour and recently woke up hours later- it is dark!!x

    1. Thanks Kezzie. It's been good to share my feelings on the matter, it really has helped.
      I hope you're feeling better, it's a shame you missed a good outfit photo op, but you obviously needed the rest.

  2. I'd totally break some rules if it got cold - I hate being cold :)

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

    1. Me too! Today is pretty cold and windy, I think it's time to add another jumper into the mix!

  3. Maybe you could use your other two open items for extra warm things -a chiunky scarf and a warm jumper dress?

    1. Accessories are open so I can use as many of my (many) scarves as I like. I think I need a dress that can be worn over my long sleeve t shirt and under my cardigan (possibly both at the same time), but I'm not sure I have such a dress. I might have to settle for a few jumpers instead.


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