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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Saturday 17th September

A cup of tea and, as it was so early, an hour in bed reading a Red Magazine that I bought weeks ago!

One of my activities for the day involved wearing a tutu, so naturally I wore it all day (any excuse).

Pet sitting duties - popped Tommy into his run and fed him some yummy lettuce leaves (which he only seemed interested in standing on).

Some daily cat appreciation time.

Squeaked with glee when it dawned on me that my new Irregular Choice Hello Ha's were the perfect shoes to wear with a tutu.

Met with some other willing fairy volunteers and made our way to Christchurch Park. This is where the March of 1,000 Fairies will begin, so we asked local photographer Gavin King (he of 1,000 Faces) to take some shots to help us promote the event. Only five weeks to go!

Had a sneaky peek in Sue Ryder on my way back through town (rude not to) and, feeling summery, picked up this cute strappy top. Wasn't it a glorious day yesterday? I have to admit that wearing layers of tutu and petticoat didn't seem like such a good idea in the midday sun!

Relaxed a while with my current read - One Day by David Nicholls. Dex is in full dickhead mode at the moment, I'm guessing he redeems himself.

Realised I had to watch the film of the book and ordered the DVD from eBay (a bargain at £3.95). I've been reading the book with Anne Hathaway in my mind anyway, no idea who the actor is that plays Dex.

Spent some time fussing the boy kitten and, erm, accidentally took a little nap.

Sewing for my patchwork quilt. I haven't found the time to do much this week so I ignored my to-do list for a little longer.

A small snack as supper was still hours away. Do you remember these? I spotted them in the local Co Op and had to buy them. They are so deliciously sharp and tangy!

Three hexagon flowers complete (decided to postpone the to-do list altogether for today).

Finally supper! Salmon and chinese style rice, which has to be the easiest recipe I know. The rice is Uncle Ben's (2 mins in the microwave) and the salmon I rub with rape seed oil, salt and pepper and bung into a cold oven, turn it up high and leave for 20 - 25 minutes. It's delicious.

The evenings entertainment, Twilight Eclipse.

The three flowers attached to the body of the quilt - the centre hexagon is the one hundredth!

Waaay past wine o'clock

Bed with book.


This was the #BEDM prompt for Friday but as I spent the vast majority of the day sat at my computer, I didn't think that it would make the most interesting of posts. Saturday's are much more fun!

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  1. I loved One Day, Dex is possibly the most annoying character I've ever read about...hope you enjoy it overall, and the film too!

    1. I am enjoying it, I don't have to like the characters to like a book (although it does help).

  2. Sounds like you had a really productive day! Looking forward to seeing how the March of the 1,000 fairies turns out, sounds like fun!

    1. It was a fun day, I love days like this that just sort of evolve without much of a plan to begin with

  3. Cool day!!!!!! I want to be a fairy too!!!!!! I'd really like to read One Day now the hype over it is over-am curiously resistant to reading the book du jour! X

    1. You're welcome to my copy when I'm done!

  4. Replies
    1. Totally, and because they're accidental it means you definitely NEEDED it too.

  5. Brilliant post i loved reading this x

  6. Nope, I don't think Dex redeems himself. I hated him and that b ook all the way throuhg.
    Love your patchwork though and excited to seee how your tutu march goes!

    1. I assumed they'd live happily ever after... I'm intrigued now!
      I'm so excited about the Fairy March, people are really getting on board this year, I just hope we have enough space for them all!

  7. Hurray for photo an hour posts! They are my favourite and my best kind of posts.

    I get so envious whenever I see your hexagons. I want to join in!


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