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Friday, May 02, 2014

This is how World of Joy looked in 2011

I almost didn't follow today's prompt from Elizabeth for #BEDM, but I couldn't bear to be beaten on Day 2. So, I spent a few hours reading through over three years of posts to come up with this list. (You're welcome).

I've learnt that I do waffle on and I repeat myself. A lot. But then, I'm a bit like that in real life. I get an idea in my mind and I won't let it go, it kinda takes over for a while, until it passes and I can relax before the next thing hits.

Anyway, my top five...

1. I love this for the cat part of the story.

2. I love this for the dog part of the story (and I'm still yet to make those iced gems again. But I will. It's on the list).

3. This is all about the pictures for me. If you don't like cute pictures of cats, look away now.

4. This was my first experience at a designers new season preview, I felt like an imposter but it was rather fun.

5. This made me laugh when I read it, I'd forgotten about my aversion to tights! And it was the first challenge I set myself. I'm glad to say that it worked and now I don't think twice about wrestling on a pair of 100 deniers.

Do you have a favourite?


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  1. You had me at posts about cats.

  2. I really like your wardrobe challenges, but they aren't specific posts I suppose.

    1. Thanks, I enjoy them but they are hard work, if only because I have to remember to take a photo every day!

  3. Hey, I enjoyed all 5 posts!! The brogues are so nice. I almost bought some Steve Madden gold leather brogues last week at a bargainous £40!!! X

    1. Almost? Almost? Kezzie, you should have snapped them up!


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