British Sandwich Week

Monday, May 12, 2014

So I'm just going to jump right in and say I LOVE BREAD! It would be hard to pick a favourite sandwich, I mean where do I even start??

There's my childhood favourite - the jam sandwich (white bread, real butter and 'no bits' strawberry jam), the sandwich of my college years - PB&J - as before but with smooth (never crunchy) peanut butter.

Then of course you have the toasted sandwich - early college years - tuna and ketchup (not tried it? do - it's fabulous) I was introduced to this by a guy in the year above - way cooler than me but he talked to me anyway. I tried it because although it sounds awful I wanted to be cool just like him (and wanted him to talk to me some more). Turns out that my liking for the snack lasted longer than my liking for him. Ha!

Then there is the (molten) cheese and ham toastie of the college cafe - stringy cheese and the cheapest ham imaginable, and yet it sustained me through the final years of my education.

How can I forget the bacon buttie? The best has to be white bread (of course), streaky bacon cooked until crispy, real butter (I have a loathing of margarine), Tiptree brown sauce (the BEST brown sauce known to man) and Heinz ketchup.

(I'm getting hungry, despite having just eaten an entire tin of spaghetti hoops in less than a minute).

Having developed a taste for brie, I can't ignore the triumph that is the bacon, brie and cranberry sandwich. This time multigrain bread is the only way to go - the thicker the better, served with some fancy salad leaves and vegetable crisps.

But then what about cheese on toast? Having helped me through numerous hangovers, although not technically a sandwich, I can't not mention it. White bread, spread with a layer of heinz ketchup, sprinkled with tiny pieces of red onion, a thick layer of cheese that's cooked until golden and bubbling, top off with a splash if Lea & Perrins (if I'm in the mood)...

And do you know what, after all that, I've just realised that there's no bread in the house.



This post is part of Elizabeth's #BEDM challenge (which I'm not doing very well at so far) but I am enjoying it anyway.
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  1. I have been avoiding bread for a while now, to be honest not really intentionally to begin with, but after a few weeks I decided I felt better without it. That said, brie and cranberry toasted sandwiches - yum. Also cheese and baked beans!

    1. I hadn't considered Brie in a toastie!!!
      *adds to list of things to try*

    2. Yes, brie in a toastie is great! And bacon, brie and avocado is a classic x


    I'm doing this post tomorrow (if that's makes sense) and in writing it realised how frigging much I love it. All hail the humble sandwich!

    1. I know! Since writing I remembered artisan breads dipped into olive oil and balsamic vinegar. And bread cut into soldiers for dippy eggs, the list goes on!!

  3. Bacon brie and cranberry sauce has to be a winner closely followed by a bacon butte for me.

    X x

    1. Bread and bacon are clearly meant for each other...

  4. Oh dear, I really shouldn't have started reading this while hungry, my tummy just rumbled! Sandwiches are the ultimate in food really!

  5. You cannot beat plain old cheese & onion or cheese and tomato. I also love egg and cress xx

  6. I do love bread but I just can't trust myself not to eat it in massive quantities. Granary all the way for me but some sneaky white toast with butter is a winner! x


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