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Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Our world record attempt in June 2013

Do you remember me talking about a world record attempt for the largest gathering of fairies last year? No, read here. Yes? well then, you've got a good memory.

Well, we broke the record by gathering 821 fairies in our town centre. A few days later we discovered that someone else had had the same idea and they'd managed 50 more fairies than us. Our triumph was short lived and we were, to put it mildly, gutted.

So, what better way to ease our disappointment than to do it all over again? This year on June 22nd we'll be asking the good people of Ipswich (and further afield) to don their tutus and wings, grab a wand, and wander our way.

We're putting the event together to raise money for a local charity Woolverstone Wish, they are fundraising to improve facilities within the chemo treatment areas and day unit at Ipswich Hospital. It's a charity very close to my heart (so close I joined the fundraising committee in 2011) and have so far gained huge support and raised over £629,471 in just 5 years.

A friend and fellow committee member who was a real driving force behind the event last year passed away at the end of March this year. Her name was Jessie and she was wonderful. I didn't know her very well but the time spent organising the event last year was when I saw her most often. We had great fun and I can't believe that she's not here to be part of it this time around. I'm certainly feeling the lack of her presence, we all are.

When we discovered that someone had beaten our record last year, so soon after our attempt, we were all gutted, Jessie especially. So this year we're keen to do it again and now we have renewed vigor to 'do it for Jessie'.

So, plans are underway, this year we've added a march through town from the park lead by a samba band and we have a balloon modeller and roaming magician to entertain, face painting and glitter tattoos for some extra sparkle and a cake stall (fairy cakes of course) to keep us going.

If you fancy coming along you can find all the details here. You'd all be very welcome.

At the funeral I learnt a lot about Jessie, none of it came as a surprise as she was a lively and energetic character but the amount that she had crammed into her life was truly amazing. Awe inspiring. At only ten years older than me, she achieved more in her lifetime than I think I will if I live into my 80's.

Come on Eileen was played at her funeral, and the next time I got into my car, it was the first song to come blaring out of the radio. I smiled and drove along singing at the top of my voice. If Jessie taught me anything it's to grab life my the balls and live it.


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  1. Oh, I hope you manage it again - I remember you posting the first time around :)

    1. Thanks Char, I have everything crossed for it to be a success!

  2. "If Jessie taught me anything it's to grab life my the balls and live it." What a lovely note to end on, I think that's a good lesson for us all to live by.

  3. That's such a fab idea! Good luck!

  4. Such a great idea and great cause. Wish I lived near enough to come along!

  5. Have sent the details to my cousin's wife.. they live near by and I think their twin daughters would love this :-)

    1. thank you so much! we're getting a lot of interest so fingers crossed!


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