Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Today's #BEDM is an easy one as I wrote about the transformation of my workspace back in October.

It looks remarkably tidy in the photos, it doesn't anymore - the shelves are groaning under the weight of it's contents and there are piles of books and papers lining the walls. I really do need to sort out some storage. I have got a new office chair, but that keeps being stolen...

oh, you think this chair is yours do you hoomin?

...and that is the sum total of the improvements I've made since October. I really should do something about that.


This post is part of Elizabeth's Blog Everyday in May and hurrah! I've finally done posted one on the right day!
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  1. Oh that's good! The cat is hilarious! He looks ready for business!x

    1. He's such a little git, he does it every time I get up! I'm incapable of getting angry at him though.

  2. I have to be so careful not to sit on Lincoln, he's so sneaky about where he sleeps! x

    1. They ask for it sometimes I'm sure - Tinker sits on the landing in the dark, we're forever kicking her (accidentally of course) - you'd think she'd learn.

  3. Haha the look on that face is pure brilliance.


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