A few more items on my new home wish list...

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

As our moving date draws ever nearer I am in a frenzy of decorating plans, logistics and bubble wrap!

And yet still I find time to peruse the internet for inspiration.

Here are my new-found favourites...

Somewhere for the birds to live 

and somewhere for the bees...

Limited edition print
Retro lamp

Vintage lampshades

And then there are the things that we need to buy before even considering anything else... a cooker, a catflap, a bed...

Still, I can't wait!

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  1. Oooh exciting!! Good luck with the move! Some lovely bits there - really like the picture :)

  2. The pink armchair looks so cool. I need that in my house as well. And I have a thing for quirky lamps. Love this one.

  3. @Sherin I can imagine myself snuggled up in that with a nice cuppa and a good book... or a glass of red and a glossy magazine... or a coffee and my laptop... you see how much I need this chair!?!

  4. OH MAN, where to start? I want it all!

  5. Pretti lampshades, they're fab. Love the bees and birdy house, cute!

  6. Pink chair, one word,


    X x

  7. I'm currently house hunting (or more accurately waiting for a buyer for mine!) I cannot wait to start buying new things.

    You have amazing taste.


  8. Ooh such loveliness!

    I'd say prioritise a good chair over boring stuff like a cooker. I'm no great fan of pink but that chair is ace!!

  9. @Alex Lovely isn't it? Even though it is DFS and their adverts are the worst!

  10. @CarolineGsbM Thanks Caroline... shame I don't always have the funds to match!


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