12 Piece Challenge - Counting Down...

Friday, May 06, 2011

Not long to go now...

Day 31
Feeling nautical today, shame that I'll spend the day behind a desk and not on a sunny deck... how sad that one little consonant can make such a difference to your day.
Day 32
I have to admit that I am starting to wish this challenge was over (not that I am going to give up now with so few days remaining) but I am craving more choice. That said, I did wonder what I would wear on my first day of freedom... I went blank. Suddenly all that choice left me unable to decide.
I'm struck by how spooky this is as I have recently started reading Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert, I'm only up to the second chapter, and she has been talking about how choice can actually be limiting at times. Interesting thought...

Day 33
Oh. My. Goodness. I have such a craving to go shopping. I have 'added to basket' in Matalan, New Look, Fat Face and Boden today only to then force myself away from the 'go to checkout'  button. Deep breaths. Get a grip. If my challenge has taught me anything is that I don't need even half of the clothes I already own, let alone any new ones. What is it about new clothes? oh I know... they're new.

Only seven days remain...

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  1. Well done. Almost over! An each time you post you look good. It is amazing that we feel we need so many clothes. My wardrobe is fit to burst and I still have to think what to put on!

    Thankfully work is fairly limiting so it's only my leisure clothes I have to worry about.

    X x

  2. I wish I could crack myself of this habit of wanting things. I dunno if it's the same with you, but it isn't even necessarily new things with me. I'm just as happy to score something from a charity shop or ebay, but there are times when I MUST have something, doesn't matter what. I should be grown up enough not to give into it.

    Anyway enough about me! You look gorgeous in all three of those photos. I love the nautical outfit - red pumps are always a winner. And your top in the last pic is just the perfect mixture of casual, flattering and slouch. Where's it from?

  3. Hello! Really loved your laid back, white look. It really suits you :)

    Looking forward to meeting you next week!

    Sarah Betty xx

  4. I really enjoy having new (new to me at least) clothes and shoes. It usually fills a gap in my wardrobe or broadens my variety of a particular style. Its mad really but I always want more and more stuff. There must be so much wastage going on.

  5. @sarahbetty Me too! It's going to be great fun x

  6. You're nearly at the finish line. You can hold on! You're doing so well.
    Love the casualness of Day 33. It goes so well together.

  7. I always want more but I've spent a fair bit recently so I'm not buying any clothes for a while.

    Hope you have a great meet up.


  8. i love the first outfit! I'm wareing a top just like it!

  9. Love the red shoes, they are a great colour pop!


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