12 Piece Challenge - Day 24 - 30

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Jeans and a jumper teamed with a vintage style satchel from Very. Was £45 (when I bought it tsk tsk!) but now it is in the sale for £24 - it's leather and super lovely - great bargain!)

Day 25
Damn and blast, just days after I change my 'final 12' the sun hides behind a murky, ominous looking sky and the chunky cardigan comes out for the first time since Day 1 of my challenge. Have I once again influenced the weather with this challenge? (Yes, I believe I am that powerful ;o) )
Day 26 - The Royal Wedding
I wore flowers in my hair, some pretty jewellery, my blue maxi dress and sipped tea whilst I watched the nuptials with OH (I just wished I'd thought to buy some cake).
Day 27 - A day of DIY
In stark contrast to yesterday's outfit today I donned the closest thing I had to 'work wear' and headed out to OH's flat. It turns out that I'm a dab hand with a heat gun.
Day 28 - A day at the Zoo
Instead of another photo of me, here is one of a giraffe. Much cuter.
I wore my the jeans from Day 25 and sequin t-shirt, which was hidden under a large scarf all day to keep me warm. It's good thing scarves are considered accessories and therefore fair game in my challenge. I would have been very cold (aka grumpy) had I been without it.

Day 29 & Day 30 - 10 days and counting...
Back to work. When is the next Bank Holiday?

What have you been up to lately?

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  1. I LOVE the royal wedding photo. Stunner!

  2. Is that you with flowers in your hair? you look stunning! You're doing so well with your challenge Hazel, I love it.

  3. I agree with Laura. That photo is stunning.

    X x

  4. You look gorgeous in the picture with the flower in your hair.
    I love Day 24's outfit as well. The jumper looks great.


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