12 Piece Challenge - Days 18 - 23

Thursday, April 28, 2011

My name is Hazel and I have a confession.

I have cheated on my 12 Piece Challenge. Sort of.

I had two items in my final 12 (a LBD and a leather jacket) that I had not yet worn. Whilst selecting my 12 pieces it was still chilly outside, to the point where I was a little worried that a chunky cardigan and a leather jacket would not be enough to keep me warm. Since then the weather has taken an unexpected, unseasonal turn towards the glorious. Which is brilliant. Unless you are limited to jeans and long sleeve t-shirts!

So, I made a decision - my LBD became a long blue maxi dress (so technically still a LBD) and the leather jacket morphed into a loose fitting sequin t-shirt. 

Day 18
Glorious sunny day...

Day 19
The first day of a four day weekend - very warm indeed.

A morning spent pottering in the garden,  trip to Speedway and a long overdue catch up with my BF. In all a pretty fantastic day!

Day 20 - HALF WAY!
I had one of those fab moments when you discover something you had long forgotten you owned... embellished clutch bag from Accessorize. Perfect with my navy stripe jumper.

Day 21 - 'The Switch'
I was so tempted to stay in my cool summer PJs today that I just knew something had to be done, I couldn't help it, the sun was shining and I needed something light and cool (and, yes, I really am THAT pale).

Day 22 - this is a leather jacket really...
This t-shirt was a firm favourite of mine last year. It's really comfortable and cool to wear and I love wearing sequins casually - the combination of sequins, flip flops and faded denim amuses me, why save them for dressing up!

Day 23
Back to work after a fabulous weekend, it felt a lot longer than just four days. OH and I seemed to pack in so much without feeling like we were running from one thing to another.

Wearing my studded sandals from Matalan again, they're fast becoming my new favourite thing...

I've had a few questions from Caroline regarding my challenge;

Are you finding that you have to do the laundry more often and planning in advance more?

Well, I am doing laundry more often, I'm just grateful that my super little washing machine knows how much I put in there and only uses the right amount of water for the size of the load. Clever little thing. The sun is helping to get everything dry quickly too!

As for planning, it's not something I've ever really been good at and as all of my tops go perfectly well with any of the jeans I don't need to plan too much. It's the accessories that change more than anything and they can be thrown on at the last minute so it's not to challenging from that point of view...

Do you think you would do a challenge like this?

Hope you all enjoy your long weekend!

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  1. Thank you for answering my questions. I do think it's a great idea. I think I may well give it a go sometime soon.


  2. You're defiitely forgiven for the 2 swaps.
    You look amazing for Day 19! That look is so pretty.

    And Day 21 is my all time favourite! You look stunning in it!

  3. I think the swaps were a good choice, especially the maxi for such a sunny day x

  4. Hello Hazel

    Thanks for your comments. I am not a follower of your blog.

    Fab outfits by the way

  5. @Sherin Thanks Honey... you gonna make me blush!

  6. @The Brunette Welcome Lisa... I look forward to reading more of your blog


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