12 Piece Challenge - Day 15, 16 & 17

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The challenge continues...

I'm beginning to wonder if this was such a sane idea. I am hankering after so many other items in my wardrobe, I'm not even half way though and can't wait to have free reign again!

This challenge has totally curbed my spending though (which was my ultimate goal), I figure there is no point in buying anything new if I can't wear it the moment it arrives (does anyone else insist on wearing a new item around the house the moment it crosses the threshold?).

I have to wonder how tempted I will be by the lure of a new purchase as the end of this challenge approaches?

Day 15 - a bit of a scruff!
A tiny bit of respite from the heat today... much cooler - not so hot that I felt like my legs were melting!
Day 16 - Spa Day
Using a Wahanda voucher I won in a blog giveaway I had hot stone massage and an 'All About Me' facial at Ufford Park Spa today... just because. It was divine.
Day 17
It's getting hotter again! I hate to complain but with skirts, shorts and maxi dresses are off limits I'm beginning to feel sorry for myself and besides the Great British Farmer needs some precipitation. So, COME ON RAIN!

So here we are - a little more up-to-date with my challenge.

I've got loads of pics from the Easter weekend to share with you in my next post... and a confession too.

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  1. Well done for getting along with this wardrobe challenge! I could never do it.
    Day 15's outfit is so perfectly casual and chic. Love it.
    As much as I love the sun, I'll hope, for your sake, that it holds off for a few days so you don't get ridiculously hot!

  2. @SherinThank you my lovely... I don't ordinarily moan about the sunshine!

  3. I think the wardrobe challenge was a great idea. I might give it a go myself, but I'm not sure I'd be able to stick at it.

    Are you finding that you have to do the laundry more often and planning in advance more?

    You look fab in every picture!


  4. You've done so well. I would have given in by now!

    X x

  5. love day 17. You're doing really well! it was a great challenge to start, I don't think I could do it. Keep it up :)

  6. Hi Hazel,
    I am glad I could help, send a photo once you get the poster, would love to see it!! By the way I like the top outfit, I think it is a brilliant idea the wardrobe challenge, lately I spend a lot of time in home/working clothes nothing flattering I keep forgetting how to dress properly haha...


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