New Wardrobe Challenge

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

In a moment of madness...

...I decided to give up retail therapy for lent.

I hadn't been doing as well as I'd hoped - in fact I failed miserably.

So, I decided that a new wardrobe challenge was needed to stop me spending and help me focus on what I already have at my disposal. I have to say that by limiting my clothing choice for my last challenge, I had an easier time deciding what to wear and found I had to be more imaginative with what was available to me.

This time I've taken 12 items to wear for the next 40 days.

The 12 Piece Challenge...

01. Bootcut jeans, Oasis
02. Black skinny jeans, ASOS
03. Distressed skinny jeans, Next
04. Stripe t-shirt, Very
05. Multi stripe t-shirt, H&M
06. Grey short sleeve t-shirt, H&M
07. Floral shirt, H&M
08. Fine knit jumper, H&M
09. Stripe fine knit jumper, Primark
10. Chunky grey belted cardigan, Very
11. Leather jacket, Very
12. LBD, Warehouse

I'm teaming these with any bags, shoes and accessories I own and hoping that the weather doesn't become unseasonably hot before my 40 days are up!

Day 1 of 40... 
It is without doubt that I chose this pic because Socks made an appearance.
Despite the sun it was a tad chilly so the my grey wrap cardigan was the only option with a short sleeve t-shirt. I was hoping for a rather more stylish start to my challenge but the weather (and my need to be warm) triumphed over style.

I wore a chain and fabric necklace that matched my t-shirt, even though it was camouflaged rather well I did have moments where I felt a little like B.A. Baracus, despite this I love it!
Have you ever tried a wardrobe challenge? What did you do and would you do it again?

Looking forward to the next 39!

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  1. And there was me about to invite you to a black tie event next weekend . . . ;0)

    Good luck


  2. pretty sure your insane, but good luck! x

  3. I've never tried one but never say never as they say. Maybe next month.

    X x

  4. wow this is going to be a challenge. I had fun/struggled with the 30x30 challenge and having completed that I would say its entirely possible to do your challenge, but it will take a lot of patience and effort. Have fun with it though :)

  5. Wow, good luck. Love the chunky cardi. X

  6. good luck! i really don't think i could do it! but you picked some great pieces to remix. i love that cardigan.

  7. Hi Hazel, how is the challenge going? I tagged you for a blog post :)

  8. Love that you're doing a wardrobe challenge and documenting it all the way too! Loving your outfits :)

    Sarah Betty xx


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