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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sometime after a my post To Tattoo or Not To... I woke up one morning and decided 'today is the day'.

I went along to a local tattooist, Skinwear, recommend to me by a friend.

I asked and I received.

I love it.

It didn't hurt - I felt nothing more than an odd scratching sensation. The tattooist, Janey, told me that it was really going to hurt and assuming that I was having it for a guy told me 'I hope he's worth it lovely'.

It's very subtle and not many people have noticed that I even have it, but then I didn't have it for anyone else. I've always wanted a tattoo (albeit a teeny tiny one) and this seemed perfect to me. It isn't for 'a guy' - well, not entirely. It's more about me (its all about me darling!) and the journey I have been on. It is about self love, not in a narcissistic way,  but as a reminder to be kind to myself. To remind myself that it is ok not to have travelled the same path as those around me. To go my own way, make my own choices.

It's been helluva journey.

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  1. Oh Hazel that's lovely. I'm a fan of discreet but meaningful tattoos.

  2. I'm not a tattoo fan, but I think that one is dinky and cute!


  3. Cute! I like your sentiment too - it took me years to learn how to be kind to myself and allow myself to take my own path.

  4. how lovely, it so hidden and personal. How cute x


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