The best thing about childhood

Sunday, June 01, 2014

This is 1982 and I totally won the race.

The best thing about childhood? No one bats an eyelid if you skip or twirl, or have an irrepressible urge to run EVERYWHERE. Turn cartwheels, climb trees, roll down hills, squeal with delight on roundabouts and scare yourself silly by going so high on the swings that the chains slacken.

You don't care about how your hair looks or if you have mud, food or glue on your clothes. Glitter is the best. thing. ever.

All that matters is watching The Waltons, keeping your Sindy doll by your side (and out of your brother's grubby mitts) at all times, and praying for chips for tea. Again.

Finding strawberries on the plants in the garden and eating peas straight from the pod feels like the most exciting treat imaginable. The six week summer holiday seems to last forever and no one cares if you put on a pair of shorts with pale, pale skinny little leggies. Arguments are forgotten overnight (if not sooner) and a tenner seemed like so. much. money.

Good times.

I tried to turn a cartwheel the other day. Ended up in a heap, hurt my wrist, pulled a muscle in my thigh. I can't decide if this means I should never have stopped in the first place, or was a lesson telling me act my age.


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  1. Oh love it. Just to roll down a hill and sit in a row of peas . Such bliss, and 6 weeks holiday. Oh to be a child hey. Thanks for the memories.

  2. Wonderful post! Ha ha, I laughed about the cartwheel (sorry) because I went on a swing recently and I felt like I was going to be sick after it! And yet I'd spend hours on one as a kid! x

    1. haha! You're forgiven, I'd have laughed if I'd been there when you got off the swing.

  3. Sooo right. Oh to be a kid again eh. Don't think I would be any use at doing cartwheels anymore. The 6 weeks holidays were the best time ever. Full of sunshine, ice creams, holidays, den making and 8 hours outdoors riding my chopper, skateboarding or rollerskating. Heaven.

    1. Dens! I forgot about making dens, I loved doing that.

  4. ha ha such a lovely post. I have such fab childhood memories but we grow up too quick and then you wish you were back there x

    1. So true. I'd love to have the freedom and simplicity of childhood again, even just for a little while...


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