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Friday, June 27, 2014

Knobs *chuckle*...

Anyway, in the spirit of 'just get on with it' I've been trying to find time to tick off some of those little jobs that need doing around the house. In truth it's not going very well considering we're half way through the year, but I'm trying.

Pine bedside table, Argos

My most recent project was to build and paint Andy's bedside table (which had been sitting flat packed in the cupboard under the stairs for months). Cheap and cheerful though it is, it's better than the small and somewhat inadequate Ikea storage unit he'd been using since we moved in three years ago.

I decided to re-paint mine while I was at it, so I popped on my deccy clothes and got painting. I'd had some decorative knobs kicking about in the junk end room since we moved in three years ago (purchased for the wardrobe doors we ended up removing) so I used them for my bedside table and purchased some manly chrome ones for Andy (pretty glass flower knobs not really being his thing).

And ta-dah! Two new bedside tables and something crossed off the list.

Which leaves me with a handy Ikea storage unit to use in my office, perfect for all my little bits and pieces. I'm thinking of going Pinterest on it's ass and doing something like this, i.e paint it and add some handles. I have three of the flower ones left so I'd like to use those and maybe mix and match in some others?

Mini chest of drawers, Ikea

But then that's just another thing to add to an already long list of things to do... Do you enjoy DIY or do you leave it to the man of the house / the professionals?


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  1. Oh my God, my husband is useless at DIY. I do it myself or get a man in.

    I love what you've done to the drawers. I've got knobs I bought for my fitted wardrobes about a year ago. They need fixing on. I will use you as my inspiration.


    1. I'll look forward to seeing the results!

  2. Gorgeous Hazel, you've done a great job!!!x

  3. can you 'just get on' with all my shat? x

    1. Sure I can Sophie, just as soon as I've finished all of mine :)

  4. These look amazing, it's incredible what some paint and a few nice knobs (snigger) can do.


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