Things I would say to a 13 year old me

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dear 13 year old Hazel,

Hiya, I know how you hate to be told that you don't know it all, but sit still for a moment and listen. You're 13, when you reach my age you'll understand that you'll never stop learning, you'll never stop needing advice and you'll never stop growing...

One day you will stop wearing nothing but black, you'll stop back combing your hair but you'll always love and cherish that locket you're wearing.

Try to remember these things, they'll help, I promise.

- It's okay to do things at your own pace but don't allow fear stop you doing things.

- Learn to have those difficult conversations.

- Take lots of photographs.

- Learn to drive as soon as you can.

- Don't drink tequila.

- When people are mean, it normally has more to do with their own issues than it has to do with you.

- Be kind to yourself.

- When someone you care about talks, stop and listen. Really listen.

- Keep a journal - write down all the good stuff.

- Travel as much as you possibly can.

- Never drink on an empty stomach.

- Don't ever get a credit card.

- When you're an adult no one really cares about the size of your boobs.

#BEDM 22

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  1. These are all amazing pieces of advice - 34 year old me could do with listening to some of them!

    1. I could do with following a few of them too - when it comes to some things I don't think I'll ever learn!

  2. Good advise.I agree I should have taken some of that myself.xx

  3. 'Learn to have those difficult conversations'.

    So true - that's a good one. I forgot how much I loved reading your blog :)

  4. what a thoughtful post...and funny and true! i love it!

  5. I love that picture of you Hazel! Such good advice. I don't think I'd dare write to a 13 year old me. Nothing uplifting to say really :/

  6. Great post idea! I think I would share a couple of those haha =) xx

  7. Wonderful post and I agree with so much of what you said. Its sad that we cannot know these things when we are that age x


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