A day like any other...

Friday, May 03, 2013

Yep, I'm going to sit here, this looks like a good spot, maybe I'll have a wash... or a nap.

Wake up with a cat in my face.
Get up.
Feed cats.
Make essential first cup of tea of the day.
Shower etc...
Make toast.
Remove cats from worktop.
Start working day by writing a to-do list.
Remove cats from keyboard.
Mid morning break - drink more tea and water seedlings in greenhouse, watched closely by boy cat, Socks, who falls asleep in a sun spot.
Remove other cat from keyboard.
Resume work. 
Finish every thing on to-do list.
Lunch - eat tuna and cucumber sandwich, watched at all times by both cats.
Resume work.
Remove cat from desk.
Get scratched lip while removing cat from desk.
Get distracted by Pinterest.
Give girl cat, Tink, the biggest of cuddles hoping that she'll slope off and sleep.
She doesn't.
Remove cat from desk.
Remove cat from desk.
Give up removing cat from desk.
Allow cat to sit on my arms.
Achieve nothing, but have warm arms.
Try to write this post by peering aeound girl cat.
Decide to learb to touc h type.
Try to distract cat with a pouch of Whiskers Bit and Chew.
Get exactly one minute of peace.
Give up trying to work.

Go to bed, get up and start all over again.

Yep, I LOVE working from home.

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  1. ha ha our Ollie is the same he usually wakes us up by staring at us and wanting attention x

  2. Ha! I love this - I'm sure anyone who has ever worked from home with cats has probably had a similar experience! :)


  3. This really made me smile :) x

  4. Haha this was awesome! Your cat sounds amazing!


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