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Sunday, May 19, 2013

So, having started #BEDM a day late, I managed 12 days before faltering. Day 13 was a horrible day. My boy cat, Socks, went out at 8pm the evening before and stayed out. And then again the next night. At first I was mildly distracted by his absence but this slowly turned into traipsing around in the rain calling his name, to sobbing and feeling sick. And when he turned up he was as bold as brass, demanding food as if nothing had happened. Little git.

He has since been punished with regular cuddles of varying duration. He hates that.

Anyway going back to the post I was in middle of writing, #BEDM 13 was about being 'green'. I do all the normal reuse / recycle stuff and I buy second hand clothes and have been looking into ethical brands too.

After the great shoe throw out, I decided to find me some eco-friendly summer footwear. My first port of call was Spartoo, as this is where my first pair of 'green' boots came from.

Once I managed to find the eco-freindly shoes on the website (it took me a while to find the tab - under 'Styles' fyi) I fell in love with these, they're Dream in Green, like my boots, but they're £70.99. Yikes! That's a lot for such a small amount of shoe! There wasn't a lot else in the eco-friendly range of summer shoes that took my fancy (loads of Birkenstock type footwear if you like it, but I'm not keen) so I popped over to Sarenza to see what they had to offer.

I haven't shopped there before, the eco-friendly tab was much easier to find (nestled neatly under 'women').

These canvas shoes are cute and a possible contender for replacing my Rocket Dogs and at only £25.70 are a good price too. They come in a variety of nice colours but I had to chuckle when I saw they were referred to as 'sports shoes' - what type of sport could you possibly do in these? These were the only shoes, out of 829 styles, that I would consider buying for the warmer months. To be honest there were loads of winter boots in the mix that caught my eye - at more reasonable prices - so maybe I'll end up a seasonal eco-friendly shoe shopper?

My next stop was Style Is, I remembered seeing some nice shoes there... I was greeted with more Birkenstock types, some lovely winter boots but little else for the price I had in mind.
I like these but the colour is so wrong for me, £60.00. They are available in black and grey however I'm not sure they're versatile enough and maybe a bit 'smart' for summer day wear and *whispers* how do they stay on your feet?

LOVE these but £62.50. I'd be happy to pay £20 - £40 for a pair of cute daytime summer shoes, I just don't think I'm going to find it the form of eco-friendly footwear (although I will keep looking - I'm aware that my search has hardly been extensive).

Javari have a good selection, which you can see here, but nothing that met my criteria. From what I have seen so far, there's a reasonable amount of choice but few that appeal to me. I am fussy when it comes to footwear. Eco friendly winter boots on the other hand are right up my street, such a shame I already have more pairs than I can fit in my wardrobe, although that's good news for my wallet.

Any brands you'd recommend for a fussy, style seeking shoe addict?

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  1. Yes, my Sophie used to do that. You'd worry about her and she'd nonchalantly mince through the door as if she'd only been 5 minutes. Glad Socks is ok. Eco friendly footwear is difficult to find!

  2. I love those first sandals,

    and I am glad Socks turned up! xx


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