Friday Letters #13

Friday, February 22, 2013

Hello, how are you? I can't believe that it's Friday again already!! The days are zipping by at the moment. I'm full steam ahead with setting myself up as a freelance Graphic Designer and honestly, I can't tell you what I do all day but I'm sure as eggs doing something! It does feel great to have a purpose again, to have real, genuine, enthusiasm for something.

Dear Alex, You made me think about notebooks (loving your new blog design btw).

Dear Salisbury's, You had a 50% off sale on notebooks (I stopped myself at two but could easily have bought more). Thanks.

Dear Tinker, Please stop sitting on my keyboard as I try to type. I love you but it's just not helpful. Although you do make me laugh when you sit on the table and watch the cursor moving across the screen. I'm waiting for the day that you decide to pounce!

Dear Tripod, Sorry I dropped you and snapped your head off.

Dear Self, You're an idiot, why did you drop your tripod and snap it's head off - how are you going to take outfit shots now? Huh? Huh?

Hope you have a fab weekend! I'm off to a clothes swap tomorrow, not one I've organised this time, so I'm hoping for some good finds and to pick up some tips for my next one in early April. I did find a few good bits at the last one I held - I'll try to do a post soon!

On Sunday I have my brother and his family coming for supper. Last time I cooked lasagne and youngest nephew sulked and refused to eat because it wasn't chilli. So I'm cooking chilli. I guess that's a compliment, right?



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  1. Wow, your chilli must be good! But I love lasagna so I'd probably be annoyed with him if I were there!!!! Oh dear re the tripod!!!x

  2. Hope he doesn't fancy lasagne this time!

    1. Ha! He probably will knowing him!

    2. He did as well - little git!

  3. Oh dear sorry about the tripod, I can see you trying to balance the camera on ledges praying it wont slip and fall, well at least thats what I do when I try to take selfies!
    A girl can never have enough notebooks :)
    Saying hi from Fridays Letters

  4. broken tripods more common than you might think!! that stinks...maybe super glue would work?

    1. Super glue is definitely worth a try, although I'll make sure I'm supervised this time - last time I used it I stuck my jeans to my leg!


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