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Monday, January 21, 2019

I tend to think of January as the buffer between the new year and the previous year. It's a time I spend recovering from the chaos of the festive season, a time I slowly ease myself into the new year.

I spend January looking back over the year just gone, and deciding on what I want the new year to bring. Come February the looking back stops and the new year, with all my good intentions, has my full attention.

I read somewhere that by the time January 5th rolls around most people have failed or faltered at their New Year's Resolutions, I had to chuckle as I was still pondering mine.

I don't feel the need to make huge changes in my life. Life is pretty good, but I do think there is room for improvement. So I thought about the ways in which I'd like life to change, it didn't matter how small these changes were, I considered anything that would enrich or improve life in some way, big or small.

I came out the other side with a word for the year. And that word is Better.

Better at:
(in no particular order)

meal planning

making plans to see friends

cooking from scratch

keeping on top of the housework

finishing projects (and doing one thing at a time)


taking care of myself

meditating regularly

regularly practicing yoga

money management



parallel parking




asking for help

sticking to a routine

not buying books

resisting impulse purchases

using less single use plastic

remembering birthdays

focusing on one thing at a time

getting something out of the freezer for supper the next day

being grateful

The plan is to come up with ways to make these changes stick, to implement new routines, set aside time for specific things. I'll tackle each one, and try to find a better way of doing things.

One of my stumbling blocks is that I crave routine, but when I get it I get bored and want more freedom and flexibility. That's when things fall by the wayside, routines get forgotten, stuff doesn't get done, and then life feels hectic and I feel like things are getting on top of me.

I need to learn to rest and not quit. It's an on going thing. Can anyone say "I don't need to change anything about myself or my life. I'm perfect"? Except, of course, every cat that ever lived.

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  1. That's a long list. I think sometimes it's just about making small changes that can make life better in a big way. Good luck. Love that photo of your lovely cat.

    1. It is a long list but for the most part the changes needed are small.

  2. Better is a perfect word to choose. After all, don't we all want the next year to be better? But you've got quite a list of things to be better at, haven't you? I just want to build on last year's resolutions to have more holidays. I also added finding a way to work less. But that plan got thwarted by some recent changes at work, which I still have to deal with. It could mean a change in routine, which I'm getting worse (not better!) at the older I get. xxx

    1. It is a long list but I think each of these things needs a little improvement, a tweak to a routine, a reminder to contact friends more often, to mindfully create time for things. It's all little tweaks.
      Holidays are always worth making the time for. That's an excellent resolution!

  3. A good choice... I think this is my word for life... always aiming to improve on many of the things you've listed, rarely actually getting there of course!

    1. Thanks. It works on the idea of always 'doing your best', 'giving it your best efforts'. I think little tweaks and changes will enhance life, bring it closer to how I'd like life to be.

  4. How funny that we both had such a similar idea for the year, great minds. Let's get better together! xx
    PS My parallel parking is beyond help.

    1. I think mine is too! I have a go one in a while but it's always a disaster.
      Indeed, great minds! Any tips on achieving all of this gratefully received :)

  5. I do like the word better, it's achievable, we all know life is not perfect and we try to be the best we can, but promising to be better is a great though for 2019.

    1. As my Mother always said 'all we ask is that you do your very best'


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