Painting pots and patient cats.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I decided that for each month of 2014 I'd do something nice, just for me and just because. I find that now I work for myself (it's been a year already) time often runs away and I find myself working almost all day, everyday. Obviously I'm not going to complain about this (I love working for myself) but some down time is necessary and if I don't plan it, it just doesn't seem to happen.

Last month I took some time out to go to the cinema and earlier this month I spent a very enjoyable morning in Woodbridge with my sister-in-law and nephew no.1. We went to Jars of Clay and, after cake and tea, each painted ourselves a little something.

Being the start of Frugal February I felt a little guilty at this non essential spending so I wanted to make something I'd use. I opted for a bowl that I could use as a food dish for my cats. It was nice to sit a chat while we painted (and the huge piece of chocolate cake I had was delicious), it's a very relaxing way to spend a morning.

 A hippo by nephew no.1.

 Delicately painted egg cups in hues of blue by my sister-in-law

And my creation.

Afterwards we visited a local garden centre and then Pets at Home to look at the rabbits and hamsters and such before going back to theirs for a cuppa and a bit of a sit down. Once at home I was back to work but the break was most welcome.

Degus - trying to run in opposite directions on the wheel.

I returned a few days later to collect our creations and met a lovely new feline friend. Walking back to the car I spotted this chap waiting patiently outside the fish stall.

I smiled, secretly wanted to steal him and decided I had to go back to take his picture.

He popped over to say a quick 'hello' and then returned to his spot, announcing his return loudly.

His patience paid off. It made my day.

And my bowl turned out rather well. After a thorough inspection from Socks, it was deemed a success and everyone was happy.

I think this could be one of the best new year resolutions I've ever made! Have you managed to stick to your resolutions so far this year?

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  1. Sort of. I've done well with the dressmaking so far but haven't spent much time at the allotment. I am doing a little better with the saving, and thinking more about the things I spend on. I'm onto my fifth book of the year as well - the challenge is 52.
    Love the cat bowl, and I'm glad that the cat got some fish!

    1. Sounds like you're doing really well with your resolutions, it'll take me all year to read 5 books!

  2. That is super!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very impressive!!! Of course, I would expect nothing less from a graphic designer ;-) I can't wait to paint a pot again!!!
    Hey, guess what?!! I am headed to Suffolk today- going to stay in Beccles tonight and then Mildenhall tomorrow!!! x

    1. I hope you had fun in sunny Suffolk (OK, so it wasn't sunny all day).
      I'd love to paint pots more often but my list is so very long!

  3. I want a cat just so you can make me one of those bowls! You are so talented.

    I didn't really have any resolutions. I have enquired about a course I want to do though, just for me!

    1. Thanks Caroline :)
      What's the course you're thinking of taking? I saw a short course for quilt making advertised locally but it was on a day that I was busy but I'd like to learn a new skill this year...

  4. Love the cat nice. aww that little cat is so cute. Animals always make me feel so happy x

    1. Me too! I can't imagine life without them :)

  5. your bowl is super cute, I love your design and the colours (I should ruddy well hope the cats DO like it!). My resolutions have been a mixed bag, but it's early days yet x

  6. I'm so jealous - I want to paint a bowl!!

    I also admire your sister-in-law's classy restraint when it came to painting her delicate egg cups. I know me and in that situation I would get overexcited and try to use EVERY colour available to me.

  7. Love the bowl! I've wanted to do some ceramic making or ceramic painting for a while, it looks like great fun. The chocolate cake looks delicious too!

    Jen |


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