A week of woollens and scarves

Friday, February 21, 2014

Week 5 of Wearing It All Again and all the wind and rain and grey days of the week left me longing for summer. I can't wait for the days when you can go out without having to take a coat or add yet another extra layer! I sent most of the week cosied up in woollens and scarves.

The blue scarf is covered in tiny umbrellas and how apt it was on the day I wore it, I don't think it stopped raining once!

For Valentine's Day (doesn't that seem like ages ago already) I wore a burgundy top under a red jumper to get into the spirit of it, I rather like to combination. Andy took me out for lunch after scoffing half the Coconut Ice I'd made for him, he wouldn't admit it but I think he made himself feel a little bit sick!

I had two days freelancing in a local studio and I'd purposely saved the grey skirt and grey stripe dress to wear as I needed to be at least a little bit smart. The dress cost £5 but the skirt was a real bargain, it's originally from Hobbs and cost me just £3.50.

I don't understand my local charity shop, they charged next to nothing for this Hobbs skirt but they put a £12 price tag on a dress from Peacocks. It wouldn't have been much more than that if it was still in store. When I pointed this out I received an icy reply 'we have guidelines to follow'. Well, your stupid guidelines suck Mrs Charity Shop. The Peacocks dress, although really nice, stayed on the rail.

I remember a time when charity shops used to cut the labels out of all clothing and sold similar items at the same price. I understand that charging more for certain brands makes more money for charities but when the pricing doesn't make sense it can put me off parting with my cash.

I wasn't sure about this jumper when I tried it on for the first time as it's quite sheer, but with a vest top underneath and some casual jeans it worked rather well. A perfect example of simplicity sometimes being the best option.

What's the most you would spend on a pre-loved high street item?

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  1. I know, I really don't understand the pricing sometimes! I paid £20 for a Coast woolen coat once because I knew it would be £200new and I paid £25 for my brand new Jaeger coat from charity shops. But it does depend on whether I really want somethin! X

    1. It really doesn't seem to make much sense. I don't mind paying a fair price but I have noticed the prices creeping up in certain shops. I love Barnardo's for keeping the prices realistic, I'm sure they sell more as a result.

  2. lol, "your stupid guidelines suck Mrs Charity Shop". I find there are too many snooty, unfriendly charity shop volunteers. A little cheer never went amiss! Great buy, that Hobbs skirt though, just as well x

    1. Quite right! A smile costs nothing but a bad attitude could cost you a sale. I am a little bit in love with the skirt - it has pockets. POCKETS!!

  3. I don't understand them either. Primark t shirt recently was £6. How stupid!


    1. It probably wouldn't have cost that originally.

  4. Love the skirt. I agree that charity shop pricing can be a little random. I quite often shop at Oxfam online and whilst the clothes probably cost a little more than some high street charity shops, it works for me as it is easy to find the size and brands that I like and they have lots of pieces by higher quality brands. Also I don't have too much time on my hands. I think £30 is probably the most I have paid. I also got a good as new cardigan by Whistles for about £15.


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