Wearing It All #4

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Top left - cardigan, Laura Ashley via charity shop  |  maxi dress Monsoon via charity shop
Bottom left - scarf, H&M  |  top, New Look  |  long sleeve top, Muji organic range  |  jeans, ASOS
Right - Jumper, George  |   long sleeve top, Matalan  |  skirt, La Redoute

So, week 4 of wearing everything in my wardrobe is done - and it's gone by in a flash!

I can't believe the weather we've been having - windy as hell one moment, bright sunshine the next. Some days have been freezing, others have felt like - dare I say it? - spring. But the rain! Oh, the rain! Whilst it's soggy and muddy under foot here, we're lucky to be in an area unaffected by the floods. My heart goes out to anyone who has been forced to evacuate their home. It must be so hard to leave, not knowing when you'll be going back and what you'll be going back to.

It rather puts my issues with weather interrupted wi-fi in perspective, whilst it's inconvenient, it's nothing compared to seeing your home slowly fill up with muddy water. Let's hope it stops raining soon.

Top left - shirt, Tesco  |  skirt, New Look
Bottom left - jumper, charity shop  |  long sleeve top, Matalan  |  jeans, Oasis
Top right - shirt Crew Clothing via charity shop  |  jeans, ASOS
Bottom right - shirt, Tu via charity shop  |  jeans, Oasis

This week I've worn a lot of my charity shop finds, my orange and red stripey jumper was £1.50 and I'm often told how nice it is. The check shirt is Crew Clothing, the photo doesn't really do it justice, and it was an absolute bargain at £3.00. The black jeans have served me well too. I must have had them for over 3 years. I've dyed them back to black a 3 or 4 times to prolong their life, there's nothing else wrong with them, they fit well, keep their shape - a real wardrobe staple.

I've been torturing myself a little today. I've been browsing shoes and boots on the interwebs, which is an utterly stupid idea when you're on a spending ban. However, I am rather short on ankle boots and shoes after my feet inexplicably grew last year, taking me from a size 5 to a size 6, so I'm seeing it as research. These are my favourites so far...

Image from ASOS

What have you got lined up as your next purchase?

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  1. oh, some really fun and unusual items! That stripy jumper is cute cute cute and so suitable for hte weather!!! It's so awful about the floods- those poor people- living in constant fear and worse, knowing the inevitable but being helpless to stop it! There's a lot of sadness out there in Jan/Feb (Someone jumped under my train the other day) but at least there is an opportunity to help and care for others! Hazel, one day soon, when the spending ban is off, we must meet up for a charity shop together Where I live now, I can easily jump on a train to Ipswich!x

  2. your feet grew? Wonders never cease. I keep my fingers crossed for a last minute height increase. Or boobs. Either would be welcome.

    1. Ha! Me too. Typical that the inches never appear were you want them to!

  3. The striped jumper is my favourite of those outfits too!

    I dye my jeans too, so many people don't, that's beyond me.

    My feet have changed, I started off adult life as a 5, went up to 6 at about thirty, up again to a 7 a few years later. Now I'm back to a six. It's an excuse for new shoes though isn't it?

    1. I do love my stripes :)

      I don't understand it either, it's such a cheap and easy way to prolong the life of jeans.

      I'm happy for any excuse to buy new shoes but I had to get rid of so many pairs that I loved!

  4. I love the striped jumper with the black maxi skirt, it is so casual glam. I'm stealing that look for sure.
    My next purchase is something from River Islands abstract print collection, but i can't choose which piece yet, I love it all.

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done


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