Pinspiration : February Valentine DIY

Friday, February 14, 2014

It's a good thing that Andy and I don't make a big deal out of Valentine's Day because I forgot all about it when I decided that February would be a month of frugality. I normally make him a card and get him a silly little gift, just a token thing to tip a nod to the occasion but I refuse to give into the hype. It irritates me that the price of flowers goes through the roof and that there is so much pressure to be as romantic as possible and have the Best. Date. Ever. Pfft! Stuff that. The best nights out are always the most unexpected ones.

For our first Valentine's Day together I banned Andy from buying me flowers. He often used to buy me flowers, just because, and that was lovelier than any bunch of over priced valentines roses could ever be.

So, on February 15th 2009, I was surprised when Andy turned up with a bunch of Not-Valentine's-Day flowers, and then again the next day... and again the next. He then told me if he wanted to buy me flowers he damn well would, no matter what day it was. Awww.

But anyway, I've gone off the point entirely. This year I decided to make him a card of a different kind. I pinned this envelope card to my Pinterest projects board some time ago and happily downloaded the template (from here), but, putting my designer hat on, I changed it because a) I wanted to personalise it and b) because I can (it's a designer thing, I just can't help myself).

For a gift I decided to make some coconut ice, I found a recipe ages ago and normally make it for a treat to share at Christmas but I forgot last year. Knowing how much Andy likes it, I decided to make him a batch all of his own (the bonus being that I already had all the ingredients so I didn't have to spend a single penny - oh the romance!).

Hope you've had a lovely day however you've celebrated (or not).

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  1. That's lovely, Hazel! Homemade sweeties are the best! I banned CBC from buying me chocs or flowers but he STILL came home with some Lily Obrien chocolates- grr!! x

    1. Sometimes the menfolk just will not do as they are told!

  2. he sounds like a real sweetheart! and i love your card idea...i still need to get chris one, so perhaps i will make this!

  3. We decided to just do cards (but secretly I'd love flowers). Going to buy a cheap bunch at the weekend :) x

  4. I love coconut ice. We don't do Valentine's which is good. I'm so unromantic, I'd never think of a romantic gift. Carl always has big wish lists so I always buy him those things instead of surprises.

    1. He ate too much in one go and made himself feel sick! That'll teach him, although it probably won't...

  5. Hope you had a really great day and he envelope card is very sweet. Andy certainly sounds like a keeper! :D

    Jen |

  6. Such a sweet gift and card - hope you had a great valentines!


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