Wearing it All Again #3 - A week of dresses (almost)

Thursday, February 06, 2014

For week 3 of Wearing it All Again I decided to focus on dresses with just a small interlude at the weekend for the most cat-tacular jumper of all time. Isn't it awesome?!

Jumper, Joy The Store  |  Jeans, Gap

The week was another busy one with a day working in a studio in town and a last minute meeting in London - I had to wear my long grey maxi dress twice thanks to having nothing meeting worthy clean and ironed. But the challenge continues and I can't believe it's the end of the third week already.

Top left - knitted dress, charity shop
Bottom left - tunic, Monsoon via eBay
Right - maxi dress, Warehouse  |  mac, Fashion Union  |  scarf, Dorothy Perkins  |  bag, H&M  |  cat, from a lovely man living next door to my best friend

I also can't believe that I haven't mentioned this before now, but look what Secret Santa sent me, the cutest button necklace. I love buttons!

Top left - jacket, Monsoon via eBay  |  scarf, H&M  |  bag, Stylist Pick  |  maxi dress as before
Bottom left - dress, Camden market  |  cardigan, Primark  |  watch Fossil, a Christmas gift
Right - dress, New Look via eBay  |  vest top, clothes swap  |  cardigan, charity shop

OK, so the maxi dress is a little summery but on a bright day (which it was) and with the heater turned to max in my office, I was able to kid myself that it was June for a while. I love this dress even though it is ridiculously long and I kept getting it caught under the leg of my chair.

I'm contemplating a blog sale as I have a huge bag of clothes that I've been thinking about selling. Have you ever done one / bought anything from one? Do you think I should have one or stick it all on eBay?

Hope you're having a great week!


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  1. I'm thoroughly fed up with ebay, it's so much time and effort for people to then act like they never get the item and claim the money back from you, and then later list the same item on their ebay!?
    I've tried blog sales in the past and sold a few things, although most of it ends up at the charity shop.

    1. I had no idea that people do that on eBay! I've sold a few things over the years but not much, I've never had any problems though.
      Hummm, back to the drawing board maybe? I thought about a carboot sale but I get annoyed at people wanting everything for 20p and arguing over 5p!

  2. I confess, I thought about a blogsale BUT, like the reason I don't do Ebay, I just can't be bothered!!! I usually give it to sister, friend, charity shops, work colleagues! But, I'd have a nosy if you had one- I bought a top from Char before!x

    1. I guess I have nothing to lose in having a blog sale, it won't cost me anything to other than time. Thanks Kezzie.


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