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Monday, September 30, 2019

It was sale season in the charity shops this month and I picked up a few lovely items for the end of summer, and, nearer the end of the month, a few items for the coming season.


Laura Ashley shirt £2.00
I love this but I'm not sure I'm going to keep it.

Heart vest top £1.00
This is such a sweet little top, it's been worn twice already but has been put away until the weather warms up again.

Shorts £2.00
Another bargain, worn once before the sun left us again.

Long tunic top £2.00
I didn't get a chance to wear this and it could actually be a dress, I'm sure I'll wear it as a top and a dress next year.

Winter coat £11.50 (it was actually £12 but I found 50p in one of the pockets when I got home)
This is originally from Next and would've been £80.00 if I'd bought it new. I've been keeping an eye open for something like this.

Burgundy boots £12.00
After finding a fabulous pair in December '17 and then selling them earlier this year due to their uncomfortable nature I was delighted to find these. They've got a smaller heel, making them far more comfortable, and they don't have suede parts meaning I can wear them in any weather without worry.

My autumn wardrobe is shaping up nicely.


Bras. Altogether these cost £50.00. They do their job but I haven't worn them as much as I thought I would. The white one is a sod to fasten so is often discarded. Bras are such a boring thing to have to spend money on.

Leather shoulder bag  |  £7.50  |  pre-loved This is a really nice bag and was used a lot until I found a wonderful leather tote bag in February this year.

Tote bag  |  £5.75  |  pre-loved
This is great for charity shopping and beach days alike.

Red shirt  |  £2.00 in the sale  |  pre-loved
I seem to have accumulated a number of shirts over the last few years, this one has only been worn 8 times so far.

Jeans  |   £66.15  |  La Redoute
A new purchase. I knew these would be worn a lot and the total currently stands at 107 times, and they're not anywhere near reaching the end of their useful live just yet...

Yellow jumper  |  £23.00 using a £5 discount code  |  ASOS
This is about to be dug out of my wardrobe for another season. It's been worn 22 times so far and I'm looking forward to wearing it again.

Blue shirt  |  pre-loved   |  £4.75  |  originally from Topshop
This one has been out of the wardrobe 20 times in the last year. It's a really good staple.

Total for September: £31.50

Total so far for 2019: £305.73

Total at this time last year: £406.56

Left of £500.00 budget: £194.27

Items purchased: 51 (pre-loved: 46 / new: 5) my goal is to buy fewer than 63.

With three months to go and nearly £200 left in my budget I'm hopeful that I can stay below a £500 spend this year. I know this total has everything to do with the fact that the vast majority of purchases have been pre-loved.

I'm not sure I'll buy fewer items than 63 (which is my lowest number of purchases since records began in 2012) because plans are afoot for another charity shop rummage with Sophie and Kezzie, but I hope it won't be far out.

For the fourth year running I'm keeping track of my spending on clothes and accessories with A Buyer's Archive.

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  1. you did do well, very much within your budget, you have some lovely things (tweed jacket is beautiful) and still loads in the kitty, so can afford some treats when out with your friends, surely? hope you find some lovely stuff on your next shopping trip.

    1. I will indulge in some treats when I meet with Sophie and Kezzie - I always do!

  2. Wow, that coat was a bargain, and I think you'll be needing it pretty soon, it's been so cold here today.

    1. It hasn't stopped raining here all day! I do love the coat and have just realised how well it'll pair with my yellow jumper from last year :)

  3. That coat is incredible, what a find!

  4. Whole Lotta Rosie1 October 2019 at 11:37

    I love that stripy tunic - perhaps you could layer it over a polo neck with tights and boots to make it more Autumn appropriate? And those wine-coloured boots? What a bargain! I've been spending nothing recently after Italy wiped me out but my sister came to the rescue with a big bag of clothes to ease my lack of shopping blues x

    1. The boots are pretty awesome! I'm really glad to find another pair in this colour after my first pair were so uncomfortable to walk in.
      New-to-me clothes are just as much fun as new clothes! Yay! of sisters.

  5. That coat is gorgeous and an absolute bargain to boot! I'm also loving the Laura Ashley shirt, even if you're not sure it's a keeper! xxx

    1. I can't wait to start wearing the coat! The LA shirt is nice I'm just not sure it'll get worn much, and the Slow Fashion Season made me realise just how many clothes I've got that rarely get worn!

  6. I can see that coat getting loads of wear over the next few months - what a fab find! x

    1. I practically pounced on it when I saw it on the rails.

  7. The boots are lovely. I laughed at you saying it was 11.50 because you found 50p in one of the pockets!

  8. I LOVE that coat, what a great bargain (I tried a similar - but obviously not as lovely- one on in ASDA and it was £40!!)

  9. That happened to me when I bought Clara's Flatline jacket. It cost me £60 (sooooo much money but better than the original £300 price tag!) but I found a 2Euro coin in the pocket!!
    That coat is gorgeous! I would TOTALLY buy that if I had been you! You'll look gorgeous in it!
    Hurrah, looking forward to our trip!


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