A Buyer's Archive | Sept '18

Sunday, September 30, 2018

For the third year running I'm taking part in A Buyer's Archive inspired by Elise (who has stopped blogging but can be found on Instagram instead), to keep track of my spending on clothes and accessories.


Bras. Altogether these cost £50.00, which seems like an awful lot of money for three such tiny garments. I purchased my first triangle bra with back fastening at around this time last year and I've been looking out for more since then. This style are normally of the pull on over your head variety, but I don't get on with those at all. So I looked for ones with a back fastening. I found them. I bought in bulk. And fought back thoughts of all the much more exciting things I could be doing with fifty quid.

Leather shoulder bag  |  £7.50  |  pre-loved
This filled a hole in my bags. I have very small bags and large shoulder bags but not much in the middle. This is enough to carry all my junk without room for adding yet more junk.

Tote bag  |  £5.75  |  pre-loved
I was thinking of sunny beach days when I purchased this, then the weather turned cooler and any chance of a day spent on a beach in the sun disappeared. So I used it when I went shopping with Mum instead. And I can confirm that it comfortably holds 14 balls of wool.

Red shirt  |  £2.00 in the sale  |  pre-loved
I saw this and thought I didn't need anymore shirts but I went back the next day and bought it anyway.

Jeans  |   £66.15  |  La Redoute
A new purchase. I ordered these from La Redoute and although they're different to how I thought they'd be, I really like them. It's very unusual for me to find a pair I like so easily, normally the search takes a while. I'm very grateful I found these. As an added bonus had 37% off. I never would've paid £105 for them, and even though £66.15 is a lot to spend, jeans are the one thing that I know I will wear until they fall apart. One of my pairs of jeans keeps trying to fall apart but I won't let them, I just keep patching them up. I can't remember when I bought them but I think it was before I met Andy, I paid £45 so they don't owe me a penny, and yet I'm still not prepared to be parted from them just yet.

Yellow jumper  |  £23.00 using a £5 discount code  |  ASOS
Despite believing that I couldn't wear yellow, this actually looks alright, I think, maybe? I'm still not totally convinced, but I'm drawn to yellow at the moment, last year it was green. I wonder what next year's colour will be?

Blue shirt  |  pre-loved   |  £4.75  |  originally from Topshop
This is one of those items I always keep an eye out for. A light blue shirt is so versatile, and this one is a nice thickness and will come in handy over the coming seasons.


I made two new purchases - wardrobe staples. At £16.00 each these jumpers weren't expensive, and both get worn regularly. The navy one has earned it's #30Wears badge, and they grey is half way there having been worn 15 times.

The White Stuff shirt with embroidered hearts was found in a charity shop 'Everything-a-Pound' sale. It's really soft and I was looking forward to wearing it, but the size label was creased and what I thought was a size 8 was actually an 18. It's sitting in the to-be-put-on-ebay pile.

Total for September £159.15

Total so far for 2018: £406.56

Total at this time last year: £427.88

Left of £600.00 budget: £193.44

This is my biggest spend of the year by far, but with three months remaining of 2018 I have nearly £200 left of my £600 budget. I'm hopeful I won't go over again. I'd love a new (or new to me) winter coat, and a pair of leather boots but we'll see...

What have you been buying recently?

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  1. I really like the leather bag, that's my kind of style. The jeans sound expensive but you got a good discount on them and as you say, worth getting something decent if you're going to wear them a lot. I hate clothes shopping for myself but I've been doing lots of clothes shopping with Eleanor this month before she went back to university. Nothing new in my wardrobe but my purse is an awful lot lighter.

    1. I am enjoying my new bag, it's got two main compartments which is really handy, and lots of little internal pockets.
      Haha, that sounds a lot like the shopping trips Mum adn I used to have :)

  2. I love that red shirt, Hazel, so I'm glad you went back for it. Quite an expensive month, but surely you're forgiven if the most expensive items were bras (you cannot skimp on them, can you?) and a pair of jeans which will last forever. Still doing better than last year, so no worries. xxx

    1. I'm glad I went back too. I hate spending money on bras and I wear them for longer than recommended, next year I'm going to buy them one at a time instead, then it won't feel so bad!
      I'm pleased that I'm doing better than last year, I just need to stay away from ASOS.com! xx

  3. You are doing so well. I DREAD to think what I've spent. Really SHOULD track it!
    Love that red shirt and I am into non-wired bras now. I wore a wired one the other day and it was SO uncomfortable in comparison! Nice yellow jumper!

    1. Tracking it does help me to reduce my spending, also staying out of the shops helps! Speaking of which we need another charity shop rummage :)
      I dislike bras in general, but these ones are more comfy. I'm still not sure about the jumper, I love it but I'm not sure it suits me...

  4. I really like the look of that mustard jumper. I bet that will see plenty of wear this winter xx

  5. Hi Hazel you have some nice investments there, Now it's getting colder I am searching for a warm puffer coat and have bought some good quality wellies for walks in the woods. What's happening on your farm? I bet the colours are beautiful at this time of year. The fields round here are like a patchwork quilt of green, brown and gold (although a large housing estate has now been built on a lot of it sadly! I so miss seeing sheep and cows nearby and now they are gone much further away) Betty

    1. I love a woodland welly walk! Nothing beats wrapping up in a warm coat and wandering off.
      The farm is a patchwork of brown and green. Harvest is done and now they're busy working on the crops for next year. Andy is starting to get home a little earlier which is really nice.

  6. Your purchases this month look wonderfully colourful.
    It's always worth investing in something you wear a lot and La Redoute do sell some quality things. Jon bought a couple of pairs of their jeans and a coat 15 years ago and they still look good.
    I bought my first new bras in seven years last year - good old M&S, don't know what I'll do in seven years' time as our branch has shut down after 77 years on the high street. xxx

    1. I hope these jeans and bras last seven years or more! It's such a shame to see M&S stores closing - that's what online shopping is going to do to the high street sadly.

  7. I've gone accessories mad this month and I finally found the perfect pair of boots. I'll be blogging about it soon x

    1. Great! I love seeing what people have bought xx


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