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Monday, January 22, 2018

It was my wish at the beginning of the year to avoid that Sunday night feeling of a weekend wasted. My goal was to have a plan in place for the coming weekend by each Friday evening. My plans weren't very exciting this weekend, I just wanted to get as much ticked off my to-do list as I could, and spend some time with Andy.

Saturday was #PhotoAnHour and although my plans were very ordinary I took part anyway. I took part on Instagram throughout the day but I promised myself I'd write them up this year. I like the ordinary details of life, and I always enjoy looking back over these posts. I remember more than the photos reveal but they're details that I'd forget if I hadn't documented the day in this way. Can you imagine looking back over these posts in ten, 20 or 30 years?

Anyway, 8am, the day started as it usually does, with my boy cat declaring it was time for me to get up and feed him by standing over me purring, and dribbling a bit. When that doesn't work he likes to dig his claws into my scalp, or sit on my bedside table and knock everything on to the floor, one by one. He's is the most effective alarm clock I've ever had.

9am. Once the cats hunger had been sated I went back to bed with my first cuppa of the day (Twinings Cherry Bakewell Green Tea) and my current read. I finished it, making it my third read of the year. My brother lent it to me, which isn't something he does very often, probably because he reads about 4 books in a year. It was an interesting, easy read, it only took me a few days to get through it.

10am. I was up and dressed. These socks are one of a pack of five I was given for Christmas. In the past I've been very dull on the sock front, only wearing black socks, but these really brighten my day, they make me smile. You gotta enjoy the little things, right?

11am. I'd noticed that the birds had gobbled up most of the food I'd put out for them so my first task of the day was to make some more fat balls for them. I use a super simple recipe combining vegetable suet with twice the amount of mixed bird seed. They can be a faff to get them to stay in balls (you're meant to put the mixture into old yogurt pots but I rarely buy yogurt...) but I find it quite relaxing, and I love seeing the birds tucking in. I put these in the fridge to harden and I didn't put them outside until Sunday but not long after I had I saw seven tiny birds on one feeder. I'm not sure what they were but it was lovely to see.

12pm. Wanting to cross something off the list that has been there for an age, I finished sewing up this toy monkey. He's been waiting for his head and arms for months, probably close to a year. It took no time at all, I'm so pleased that he is now finished.

1pm. Lunch. I knew when I started to make my omelette that today would be one of those days when it just didn't go well. I was right. It looked awful, having fallen apart when I lifted it onto my plate. But it was delicious - spring onion, smoked salmon and a little cheese. However, no clever camera angle, or pretty filter could hide it's presentation issue but I didn't care. So what if my omelette wasn't really Instagram worthy?

2pm. Sewing up my monkey spurred me on to knit more of a rabbit I started in the summer. It had a body, and now it has all the necessary parts ready to be stuffed and sewn together. I'll pop a pic on Instagram when she's finished.

3pm. Time for another cuppa. I took these flowers through to the kitchen to throw them away but even though they are obviously passed their best I still think they look rather nice. In truth they're still sitting on the draining board as I type this, I want to get out my proper camera and take some photos, just because.

4pm. I put the knitting down for a while and turned my attention to my to-be-read shelves. Last year I read in colour order but I have a few books that I'm really excited to read so I think the colour coding will go out of the window this year. I chose The Power, given to me by my best friend for Christmas. She's rarely wrong when she says I'll enjoy a book.

5pm. Time to feed the cats. Earlier than usual but they both started following me around and meowing at me. I was so pleased to see them both tuck in. They go through stages where they go off their usual food and refuse to eat it. Then I have the fun of finding something that they will eat. Today was the day I found one they are happy to eat - Thank you Felix.

6pm. I'd been faffing and pottering for a while and I'd just sat down to start my book, Tinker had settled on my lap, and then Andy came home. The book as put down, Tinker encouraged to leave my lap, and I cooked our evening meal (fish fingers, chips and veg - v. sophisticated), and we sat down to start watching The West Wing boxset all over again, which is where I stayed until gone 10pm.

Sunday was a mix of chores, knitting, The West Wing, and time spent with Andy. After lunch we went to the workshop and I helped him on his renovation project. He has his Grandfather's Fordson Major that has been standing idle for twenty years, he's slowly working on getting it back it it's former glory. I helped by filling the injector pump with oil (at least I think that's what he called it). I also held things, found spanners, and was generally helpful.

I also added a little sparkle to the workshop. After we'd planted our small Christmas tree in the wood a few weeks ago I put the star in my coat pocket which dislodged some of it's glitter. So, when I pulled my gloves out of my pocket in the workshop I did my best Tinker Bell impression and sprinkled a little sparkle. I'd love to be there when his Dad notices it. As Andy pointed out - a workshop is no place for glitter. I disagree.

Thanks to Jane for hosting, it's always good fun taking part.

How was your weekend?

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  1. That tea sounds delicious!

    I love your colour-coordinated to-read shelf. I keep trying to colour coordinate my shelves, but I also like to keep the same author together and they rarely oblige by keeping their spines the same colour. Hmph!

    1. It really is lovely, I can't get enough of it at the moment.

      It is annoying that I can't keep authors in order, and that they're not in size order, but I do like my rainbow shelves. I think they give me the most pleasure, do rainbow it stays :)

  2. I had a super quiet weekend with Bob and the kitten. I'd forgotten about making fat balls, what a great idea!

  3. I loved reading this and following your day through the photos. If I did this, there would be cats and books as well, although the tea would be replaced by coffee! I love looking at other people's bookshelves, so that photo was an additional treat. I've got quite a few of your books on my shelves too! As for glitter, I don't think it is out of place anywhere, workshops included ;-) xxx

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it Ann. Maybe you can join in next month?
      Which books do we have in common? I'm really enjoying The Power so far.
      I agree on the glitter, I need to spread more (eco friendly) glitter :)

  4. as always I love your posts. I've been thinking of doing a photo an hour but always forget. It's nice to see a day of daily life and how different we all are.

    1. Thank you! I forgot a lot of them last year and often didn't write them up when I did take part, but they're fun to look back on. Even the most ordinary day can contain lovely memories.

  5. I really enjoy hearing how other people spend their days, I find it so interesting for some reason. It sounds like a lovely day, you started it off right by reading in bed and there has to be a bit of knitting involved. Your cats are so cute.

    1. A number of people take part and I enjoy their posts too, I think it's the nosy neighbour in me :)
      My cats are cute, just not when they dribble in my ear at 6am!

  6. I enjoyed seeing your day! I quite like messy omelettes! I like your book shelves! I've started arranging my bookshelves but I do get annoyed with the lack if uniformity in book shape/dimensions. The monkey is super clever-well done!

    1. The messiness of my omelette didn't make it any less delicious, I'd seen someone post a pic of their omelette on Instagram the day before and immediately wanted one. I'd been thinking about it all morning.
      I go with the rainbow shelves because the result pleases me the most, you have to smile at a rainbow!

  7. I always admire photos of colour organised books and very occasionally I think 'what would my books look like colour sorted?' but I'll never do it, the idea of not having authors together is not one I can live with, and I do like to sort books by genre too - well, all the non-fiction. I couldn't live with the disorder colour arranging would bring, haha!

    Yours sounds like a very pleasant Saturday... I'm with Andy on the glitter though I'm afraid, I'm not a fan!

    1. I wish books were all the same height, and not just because the book websites I design would look neater! Some guys I work with frequently can't understand my colour system, they both prefer genres by size order, but each to their own :)

      It was a lovely weekend. I think Andy went to the workshop early to sweep up my glitter, what a spoil sport!


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