This Week #8

Friday, May 12, 2017

Hello! I hope you've had a good week? I've been hampered by a bit of a cold, and I managed to get whacked in the eye by a bramble (yes, ouch) but those things aside it's been good.

Filling the house with flowers
I popped to Aldi and picked up two bunches of their bargain roses. I've had these before and they lasted three weeks! But instead of putting them in a large vase in the dining room, I popped them into three smaller vases and distributed them around the house. My favourite sits on my bedside table. This is something that needs to happen more often.

I've had three pairs of ripped jeans sitting in my wardrobe for ages waiting for me to mend them, an idle scroll through my Pinterest feed gave me an idea, and I went about cutting up one of Andy's old work shirts to patch them with.  I've still got one pair to repair but it feels good to have finally started on my mend pile.

I really enjoyed, not only baking but eating, my Lemon Thumbprint Cookies last week, and I wanted to make something else. A few very ripe bananas were perfect for this Banana Oatmeal Cookie recipe. They are so simple to make, and the kitchen smelled divine for hours after cooking. The cookies only lasted a fraction longer.

Breaking sunglasses
Some how I managed to break two pairs of sunglasses this week, one during the bramble incident, the other I have no idea. The frame snapped at the top meaning the lens fell out, both in the same place, on the same eye - spooky. Good job I did buy a new pair last month.

Hoping for rain
We've had no significant rainfall here for three months, and being married to an arable farmer it makes for frustrating times. We need rain. They all work so hard on the farm, all year round, and it's so frustrating that the success of the crops depend on the weather. So if you know of an effective rain dance, you know what you need to do...

Looking forward to...
A morning cinema date with my husband on Sunday, eating the first of my mixed lettuce leaves crop, planting out some more seeds in the greenhouse, and getting properly stuck into my latest read - Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healey.

Have you had a good week?

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  1. Sorry about the cold and your eye, ouch!
    I love your denim repair, what a thing of beauty. Your baking looks really good, too.
    I bet your dry weather is a real pain for farmers. Not much danger of that here although the torrential rain they promised yesterday and today fizzled out pretty quickly we're in Manchester tomorrow and it always rains there! xxx

    1. Both eye and cold are better now thank you.
      I really enjoyed repairing the jeans, it's very therapeutic creating all those little crosses :)
      We have had some rain since this post went live, not much but the weather report for the coming week looks promising, and it can make all the difference!

  2. Ouch about the bramble incident! I have been admiring your mending job on the jeans and agree with Vix that it's done beautifully. Here in Belgium, we've been having dry weather too, but we had torrential rain during a thunderstorm a couple of days ago. We have friends in Holland who are arable farmers as well, and they've been complaining about the lack of rain too. Sadly, the weather is not a predictable factor, which must be very frustrating. Trying to send some rain your way ... xxx

    1. Thank you, I've still got another pair to mend and I'm really looking forward to doing it :)
      I think your thoughts of rain helped!

  3. Oh no, bramble in the eye was NOT a good thing. I hope that the rain comes soon. We've had some this week but really not much. Well done on the mending!! Hope you have a great date tomorrow!!

    1. It wasn't much fun and hurt for a good few days but it's much better now, thank you.
      We did have a great date and followed it with a spot of lunch and then some field walking in the afternoon sunshine :0

  4. Those roses are stunning! I need to get myself down to Aldi. I find their £4 mixed tulip bunches great value, too, as they do 3-4 vases worth and last ages.

    1. I don't know what they do to their flowers but they always seem to last ages. Each bunch of roses was £2.09, that's just crazy prices!


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