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Monday, May 15, 2017

A new year's resolution of mine was to make a bee bath and plant some bee friendly plants in the garden. With the weather warming up I've been spending more and more time outside and I'd started to ponder how I was going to go about it.

I decided to start with a few small additions - the bee bath and a plant or two that bees are known to love.

I'd purchased and potted up a lavender, and was spending the afternoon pottering in the garden. It was then that I discovered an old bird bath languishing in our hedge. The base was hideous - adorned with squirrels and ivy - but the top was the perfect thing to create a bee bath.

I scrubbed it (almost) clean and placed it on an old pot to give it a little height. I'd already purchased some glass pebbles in readiness, and I had a pot full of stones (used in some of the table decorations at our wedding), so I popped a few of these into the dish and arranged it next to my newly potted lavender.

I wanted some more glass pebbles, and found a seller on ebay selling a selection in different sizes and colours, they were exactly what I was looking for and I was able to convert my Nectar points into ebay vouchers, so I got them with parting with a single penny!

I keep it topped up with rain water, and I'm really pleased with how it has turned out. And I love that I could re-purpose an ugly old bird bath and make into something new.

The first time I see a bee using it I'll be chuffed to bits - "build it and they will come".

Moving forward I'd like to plant some flowering thyme, I have some seedlings currently doing well in the greenhouse, and I'd like to plant some different lavender varieties, and cotton lavender, with it's pale foliage and bright yellow flowers, in other areas of the garden.

One day I'll plant a lavender hedge around one side of the greenhouse, but first I need to dig out an old gnarly rosebush that's claimed the ground as it's own.

I'm also planning to plant a Californian lilac with it's clusters of gorgeous blue flowers at the side of the house and in the front garden. And a common myrtle with it's delicate white flowers some where else, possibly on the other side of the house. They're ready and waiting in the greenhouse.

I've read that bees are particularly attracted to blue, yellow and white flowers, so with luck these will bring the bees humming and buzzing about, and in time I'll add other plants that will further entice them.

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  1. I saw a bee bath for the first time when we visited Hanbury Hall a couple of weeks ago! Hooray for helping the bees. Your bath looks lovely, what a great find.
    You've answered an age-old question. Common myrtle used to grow in my parents' garden like a weed, I've always loved it, now I know what it's called I can buy some. xxx

    1. I go the idea from Pinterest - which is surprise given how much time I spend scrolling my feed - so it was nice to put a pin in to practice! I'm just waiting on some marbles to arrive to add a bit more colour and then it's done :)
      Glad I could help with the myrtle, and you've helped me to decide where to plant it, now I know it's like a weed I have the perfect spot! xx

  2. IT looks really good. I've never heard of a bee bath!

    We planted lavender on our balcony especially for the bees (plus thyme partly for the bees but also so we can eat it!), but we're waiting for them to grow.

    1. Thank you :)
      I think it's a win-win, you get something to eat, the bees get flowers to pollinate, perfect.

  3. I'd never hear of or seen a bee bath before, but I think it's a great idea. I might adopt it for my garden! We have a Cotoneaster in our garden. It's not much to look at, but with its tiny nondescript flowers its a real magnet for bees this time of year. It's absolutely buzzing. I think they might appreciate a bee bath! xxx

    1. I'm sure they'd appreciate somewhere to stop off for a drink. I haven't seen a bee in mine yet, it won't be long before I go on a stake out just to see one! I found so many drowsy bees last year I'm hoping this will help.

  4. We have some bee friendly flowers in our garden - but being near a large nature reserve I think they prefer it there! We do end up seeing quite a few bees though, which is nice.

    1. It's lovely to see them, we often have loads in the front garden on the flowering thyme (which sadly looks like it's on it's last legs) which is what spurred me on to add more flowers.

  5. What a thoughtful AND incredibly attractive idea! It looks glorious!!! I know bees like Borage particularly so you could plant that. I'm looking forward to my new garden when it eventually, I hope, goes through.Xx

    1. I'm so pleased with how it's turned out. The more I look into int the more bee friendly plants I find. I guess most things with flowers are an attractive option to a bee.
      Fingers crossed for your house move!

  6. I love your bee bath, all the different stones are so pretty. The bees are going mad for the chives in my garden, I can never find a bit to pick without dislodging a bee! xx


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