An Anniversary Outfit

Monday, October 03, 2016

It was a six months ago now, but for our first anniversary we headed back to the scene of the crime - spending the night in the hotel where we were married.

Apparently it's not socially acceptable to wear your wedding dress in public the after the wedding day itself, so I had to make do with my 'day after' dress instead.

No matter what I knew I was going to wear this dress on our anniversary, even if we'd spent the evening in front of the TV (actually that's not true, if we'd done that I totally would've worn my wedding dress).

Anyway, I went with black shoes, a silver beaded bag, and a dark red pashmina, and painted my nails in my 'wedding red'. I wore the earrings I would've worn on our wedding day if Andy hadn't surprised me with pearl studs (and necklace) on the eve of our wedding.

Andy arranged for private dining in the McCallum Room where our ceremony was held. I had no idea we were eating in there and might have cried a tiny bit when I realised.

We sat opposite each other on a long table, with candles, a vase of red roses, and a white table cloth scattered with rose petals and tealights.

Our meal was delicious! The stunning medieval building and the excellent food were the main reasons we picked The Swan as our wedding venue. We've always been impressed with the food and quality of service, and Lavenham is such a beautiful village - worth a visit if you're ever in Suffolk.

The hotel bought back so many lovely memories - even the smell of the place took me back to our wedding day. The food was outstanding, the gin was crisp and cold, and the company wasn't bad either.

It was a super way to celebrate our first anniversary, and it felt nice to be wearing my day after dress again. Only six months until our second...

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  1. Such a special way to celebrate and how lovely that you got to wear your day after dress again.

    1. I hope I get to wear it many more times! It was a lovely evening.

  2. AHHHHHHHHHH, that is delightful!! What a,romantic experience!!!x

    1. It was lovely, we don't often spend a night together like this but when we do, it's perfect!

  3. What a delightful way to spend your anniversary. Congratulations! And your dress is simply gorgeous! xxx

  4. What a gorgeous hotel and a lovely outfit, too. Your husband sounds like a very thoughtful chap.
    Not socially acceptable to rewear your wedding outfit? That must be a post-war thing. My Grandma wore the suit she got married in for years afterwards. What a wasteful society we've become. xxx

    1. I'll rewear my day after dress as many times as I can, but I don't think my wedding dress can be worn again - a seven layered skirt and long train make it rather impractical. I'd love to have the opportunity to wear it again, it's such a beautiful dress. I guess I should sell it so someone else can wear it but I can't bear to part with it, it's too precious.
      I agree though, we have become wasteful as a society. I hate the phrase 'recycling her wardrobe' that the media use when someone (usually a woman) wears an outfit in public more than once... surely that's just called wearing your clothes?
      I enjoy wearing my clothes time and time again, it's what my capsule wardrobes are about - wearing and enjoying the clothes I love. I used to have a habit of putting on jeans and t-shirt everyday, now I wear all sorts of outfits and enjoy my clothes more than ever.

    2. Hello again! Thanks for your comment over on mine! You're right, I hate that "She's recycling her wardrobe" rubbish the media use when they're talking about celebrities, too.
      I wonder if there's a way your beautiful wedding dress could be altered so you could wear it again ? Back in Edwardian times brides used to remake their dresses into blouses. I can totally understand you not wanting to part with it. xxx

  5. What a lovely way to celebrate (and how thoughtful of Andy to arrange the private dining). Congratulations on 1 year! (well, 18 months now)


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