A Buyer's Archive | October 2016

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

This year I'm joining A Buyer's Archive with Elise, to keep track of my spending on clothes and accessories.

I'm posting this a little early as I've vowed to stop spending this month. Umm, I seem to remember doing a similar thing last October, which didn't quite have the outcome I'd hoped for...

That said, I'm not issuing a spending ban, I'm just not spending anymore until next month, which is seven days away - even I can manage that.

At the end of last month I worked out that I had £54.70 per month to spend on clothes and accessories between September and December, in order to come in below my £745.00 goal.

In September I spent £4.75 - a very good start, however this month hasn't gone quite so well.

Early in October I had a little look in Next to see if they had their new season coats in stock, they did. And I purchased one. And a pair of shoes, and some jewellery. I was on my way home from a massage, feeling very chilled out with nothing to rush home for (except housework), so I decided to have a good look around.

Grey hand finished military coat  |  £95.00  |  Next
I hadn't planned on buying a coat, I just wanted to see what they had on offer, y'know for future reference. I tried this on, decided I liked it, and that I'd keep it in mind as a definite possibility. But as I made my way to pay for my other items I thought 'fuck it', and that is how the coat came to be mine. How's that for an impulse purchase?

Fringed loafers  |  £28.00  |  Next
These are a little different to anything else I own, they'll look cute with skinny jeans and several other items in my wardrobe. And I feel they're a little more autumnal than my ballet flats and loafers, with a bigger heel and more substantial sole.

Necklace  |  £14.00  |  Next (not available online)
I loved this the moment I saw it (hello, pom poms!) and tried to think of what I'd wear it with. I came up blank. I told myself that if I couldn't think of even one thing to pair it with, I couldn't have it. I was about to walk away then my white dress popped into my mind and that was all the persuasion I needed.

Earrings  |  £4.00  |  Next (not available online)
Cute, delicate and only £4.00...

When I got home I tried it all on, and worked out what I could wear everything with. My thoughts of perhaps returning the coat went out the window when I realised that the last time I purchased a coat I really liked was before I met my husband!

I'm glad to say my new shiny things have all been worn already.

But the shopping didn't end here. I took myself off to Felixstowe for wander on the beach and I made a tiny charity shop purchase.

Wallis spot dress  |  £8.00 |  Charity shop
Sadly the hem is wonky, a fact that I managed to miss completely in the shop, so I'll need to alter this before I wear it. Pretty though right?

And then came a trip to Bury St Edmunds to meet Sophie and trawl the charity shops. I was rather restrained this time around, only buying three items.

Phase Eight black dress  |  £8.00  |  Cancer Research shop
I really like this but it isn't the best fit. I'm pondering making it into a midi skirt, I'll wear it more as a skirt than an ill fitting dress - if I do a good job of altering it.

T-shirt  |  £2.50  |  Cancer Research shop
A decorating t-shirt. After a huge wardrobe cull earlier this year I hadn't left much in the way of 'clothes I can happily ruin in the process of making my home beautiful'.

Monsoon cardigan  |  £3.50  |  RSPCA shop
It's not particularly flattering, but it's big, cosy and warm, and some days it's all about the cosy!

Which gives me a whopping total of £163.00 for October (so much for my £54.70 budget!).

Overall total for 2016: £694.60

Which leaves me with £50.40 to hit my target of £745.00. Yikes, two months to go...

Check out the hashtag on Twitter to see posts from everyone taking part.

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  1. I reckon that coat will pay for itself over time! xx

    1. If it lasts as long as my old coat does then it definitely will!

  2. Ooo I love it all! I really need to get back on the buyers archive bandwagon but I bought so much this month I'm not sure I could remember where it's all from etc and with a November spending ban going down I think it's more likely to be in the new year.

    That said I'm still in love with my cape from 2 years ago (£9.99 from ox fam) and my two coats from last winter (£9.99 bhf and £3 cancer research) so I should be set for the winter!!!

    Charlotte | www.shoestringchic.co.uk

    1. Sounds like you've got winter covered. I topped up my jumper stash from charity shops last year, and am wearing them again this year.

  3. That coat is a staple, of course you have to keep it. I'm a sucker for coats, but buy mine second-hand, which means I can have more. Yes, I know, I'll never achieve a capsule wardrobe! Anyway, I like all your buys. And I also do that thing where I can't come up with anything to pair it with, I leave the item behind. xxx

    1. I like coats but I'm so fussy about them, I always look out for them in charity shops but so far haven't found any. It would be nice to have more options, so I'll keep looking.
      It's a good rule to have when shopping, it's certainly something I should've started doing years ago!

  4. We spend so much of the year in coats in makes sense to buy ones we love. Like Polyester Princess all mine are vintage which means I can have loads and when I get bored I can sell them for more than I paid for them. Win-win!
    Love the pom poms, but you know that already!!
    I wonder why October is your mega spend month? xxx

    1. I think it's because I'm out of summer mode and start to think about boots, coats, jumpers, and jeans? All things I tend to spend a lot on, and apart from jumpers, seem to have no luck finding in charity shops.

  5. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who sometimes just goes "fuck it" and vastly overspends! I love the coat, though, and a decent coat is ALWAYS an investment.

    1. my fuck it demon will never fully leave me :)

  6. It is a lovely coat; I'm sure you did the right thing in buying it. I tend to not buy things on an impulse, but then I usually end up regretting it. The amount of clothes I wish I'd bought & still think about (it drives my husband crazy!)... Love the Wallis dress, by the way.

    1. I'm convinced it's a wise purchase. I hope to have the Wallis dress altered and fully functioning soon, I keep looking at it hanging in my wardrobe thinking how perfectly autumnal it is...

  7. I'm lucky there is no Next here to tempt me! On the other hand there are no charity shops either.

    The spotty dress is gorgeous!

    1. Next is a repeat offender when it comes to tempting me into impulse purchases.
      Wait? No charity shops? How do you cope?!

  8. Where is my comment? I came back to see your reply (as you are very good, unlike me!)Grrr, one of those train phone moments!
    The coat is rather lovely as are the dresses. The shoes are rather nice too!!
    I bought a coat on Friday in the charity shop- turquoise wooly- only £5- gorgeous!!!

    1. Oh I hate it when that happens! I love the coat, I definitely made the right choice in buying it. I'm yet to wear the dresses, I need to alter them both so it might be a while before I wear them as my track record with alterations is rather poor!
      Your coat sounds lovely, I just don't find coats I like in charity shops, but that won't stop me looking ;)


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