Packing for a Festival!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Latitude is calling my name.

I'm setting off shortly for a weekend of festivalisation with my best friend, leaving Andy home alone.

It's been a very long time since I slept under canvas, and the first time I've attended a large music festival. I'm super excited (although dreading the infamous toilet and shower situation), I have my bags packed, and am counting down the minutes until I can hop in the car and go.

I know from numerous camping adventures that you need to be prepared for all seasons. Layering is always the answer.

I've got a few easy-to-wear dresses that I can layer with vest tops and a cardigan, and a jumper that can go over all of them, weather depending.

I've packed skinny jeans to wear under the dresses when the evenings cool, and long socks to pop on with my wellies should things get soggy underfoot.

Shoe wise I have an old pair of Toms, some flip flops for the shower and a pair of flat sandals. All are old and I won't mind if they get trashed. Everything I am taking has a purpose (or dual purpose) and nothing is so precious that I'd be gutted if it got ruined or lost - mildly miffed maybe but certainly not bereft. It's just not worth taking the risk.

I've also packed a good old fashioned pac-a-mac. And a scarf. One that's lightweight but big. Good to use as a cover-up in the midday sun (fingers crossed) but also good for layering when it turns cooler in the evenings.

I have a cross the body bag that zips closed for phone, money etc and a smallish rucksack for suncream, tissues, lip balm, hand sanitiser, rain mac and all that gubbins.

Umbrellas aren't allowed on the site otherwise I'd take one of those too.

I'm praying for good weather (weather reports are currently looking very promising). However, it doesn't have to be hot and sunny, it just has to be dry and warm enough. My friend has never been camping, and camping in the cold and wet is no fun at all.

Naturally I'll be taking wet wipes and dry shampoo but I'm also taking along Pump It Up Dry Shower Body Wash. I read about this on Sarah's blog and immediately ordered it from Boots.

It's basically a foam that cleanses, kills bacteria and body odour, without water. I've given it a bit of a test and it's pretty good, I'm not saying that I'll be using it instead of having a shower, but to tide me over, for a bit of a freshen up, it's perfect.

Also Lucas' Pawpaw Ointment and insect repellant. Nuff said.

Make up will be minimal - BB cream, cream blush, mascara, and brow pencil that can double up as eye liner.

I like to travel light so my tent, sleeping bag, pillow, and mat are all super compact, and my towel is of the folds-up-to-the-size-of-a-postage-stamp variety, so I can carry everything from the car to the campsite with ease.

My tip if you don't want to take a bulky pillow - take a pillow case a fill it with clothes (t-shirts and jumpers are good). It's not exactly goose down comfort but it does save a lot of space.

So, here I am ready and raring to go. Tweet me any recommendations of who to see / what to do and say 'hi' if you're there and you see me.

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  1. Have an amazing time Hazel! x

  2. Have a fab time! Latitude is such a lovely festival, and a great one for your first experience.

    1. It was so good! We had great weather and are already planning next year :)

  3. Hope you have a great time. Jungle formula is the only thing that keeps the bugs away for me.

    1. The bugs weren't too much of a problem in the end, but I did learn not to apply aerosol Jungle Formula in a small tent, I nearly choked!

  4. You definitely know how to pack! I hope you have a lovely time at Latitude!x

  5. Medical stuff is so important - you need to be prepared but you need to consider packing too.

    Lizzie Dripping

    1. I have to admit that I didn't really consider medical items until I was about to leave - even then I only took a few plasters and some painkillers. Luckily I didn't need either but it is true what you're saying.

  6. Ahrgh, once again I was on my phone for this and couldn't comment- hope you had a fabulous time!x


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