Favourite Three - June 2015

Monday, July 06, 2015

Whilst packing for our honeymoon I rediscovered a few old favourites that have been languishing in my wardrobe in favour of newer items and it got me thinking - what other long forgotten, once loved, items do I have lurking in my bedroom?

I've found many but here are my Favourite Three for June.

Converse.  I've had these for three years and after my initial 'oh, aren't they lovely' feelings for them, and the subsequent wearing of nothing but for about a fortnight, they were relegated to the bottom of the wardrobe, never to see the light of day again. I can't explain why as I love them and they are super comfortable.

I traveled to Zurich in them, wore them to the zoo and ran various errands too. It's safe to say they're back on my radar.

Rimmel London Pro nail varnish in Beige Style, first appeared on the blog in 2010, again it was a firm favourite for a short while until I was introduced to the likes of Essie and it's Spiced Candy Apple.

Recently I looked at my nail polish box and wondered why anyone would need over 40 different shades? So, I narrowed it down to just a handful and chucked the rest in a box for a car boot.

This shade is the perfect nude for me.

Handmade tassel necklace, I made this in July last year but since the end of last summer this had been completely ignored.

Incidently, I do not recommend trying to take photos of your new favourite necklace using a cat as a prop.

It came on our honeymoon and has, most recently, been worn with a new addition to my wardrobe, a white dress found on a charity shop-a-thon with Sophie and Kezzie, in fact you can see the moment I found it here.

It has encouraged me to seek out more long forgotten items, I'll show you three more favourites next month!

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  1. I've been gradually getting rid of more and more from the wardrobe room, which has meant that I've been finding more things which I'd forgotten about. It's such a nice feeling, like having something new without the spending - just what I need!

    1. My thoughts exactly! And if it doesn't stop me spending, then maybe it'll help me identify gaps in my wardrobe that I can fill! Win, win I reckon.

  2. I love re-discovering things, it's like a shopping trip minus the expense! x

    1. my favourite kind of shopping trip ;)

  3. I'm so sorry! I have been trying to read your blog posts all week on my phone but either my phone or my trainline clearly hates your blog as I can't load it at all or get to the comments box- it just sits on that, half there, half not screen!!! I therefore put a reminder in my phone to look when I got home!!! I remember that tassel necklace was genius- what a good thing you found it! And how nice does it look with the white dress. I LOVE that dress on you, it looks so nice (speaking of which, I am SO sorry I haven't posted the white skirt yet, I have been offficially useless at making it to the post office (it's a mile and a half from home and I need to get my act together!
    Ha, that's so funny, that WAS the moment you found it!
    By the way, I ended up in Ipswich that Saturday I went to Aldeburgh! We stopped off for CBC to go to Cotswolds outdoor to pick up a new airbed as his had developed a puncture. In the space of time it took him to go there and pick up his airbed and browse, thanks to your excellent guiding, I had made my way round 8 charity shops that you'd showed me!!! Ha ha! Believe it or not, I bought nothing though! Was tempted by a dress in the Salvation Army! I kept thinking how funny it would be if I ran into you but of course you were away!x

    1. I would have been so surprised (but delighted) to see you! I can't believe you didn't buy anything, that's very restrained.
      how odd that your phone doesn't like my blog, perhaps it's my new template? how annoying.
      I too am loving this dress, I'm so glad I picked it up, normally I leave white dresses on the rail for fear of my general clumsiness but I think it was the recent bride in me that made me think 'ah sod it, just get it!'

  4. The dress and the necklace are both lovely, especially worn together. I can't get enough of my baseball boots for non work days, they are so comfy.

  5. I love your Converse. I recently replaced my black pair but am kinda wishing that I got a white pair instead for a change.

  6. I love your converse - you look very pretty in the white dress.

    Lizzie Dripping


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