Sunday, August 24, 2014

Yesterday evening I was asked 'what are you doing tomorrow?'

'I've got to work' I replied.

Yeah. That didn't happen.

After tea and toast in bed, I got up and decided that I'd nip into town - just a quick dash in and out, nothing major. A few hours later, I was still there, with shopping hat well and truly on.

The reason I went in was to find an alternative to a lippy I received in the latest Glossybox. It was Essence Longlasting (ha!) lipstick in Natural Beauty (07). The colour was fabulous (my natural lip colour, only better) but it had the staying power of butter on hot toast.

I'd decided that, if I could find a good colour match, I'd treat myself to a high end lipstick. It's a colour I'd get a lot of wear out of after all. I found a good match on the Clinique counter in Boots but the sales assistants were too busy chatting to take any notice of me. So I went to Debenhams instead, same thing happened there.

So, I decided to go back to Boots and try to find something from the self selection counters. I didn't linger long at the No7 counter as I had no interest in listening to the sales assistants talking about how they prefer to wash 'down there' - all I wanted was a nice lipstick, thank you very much.

So to the Max factor counter, blissfully free of snatch talk, I found a good match in the Colour Collections Lipstick in Rosewood (833). This was £6.99, a little more expensive than the Essence, which is £2.29 but not break-the-bank by any means. Typical though, that most people try to find cheaper dupes of more expensive products, and I do it the other way round.

This is where the day started to go wrong (or right, depending on how you look at it). I went into Superdrug to buy the Rimmel Stay Blushed liquid cheek tint in Sunkissed Cherry but also came away with B. Replenish Oil, Maybelline gel eyeliner, Eyelure lashes, NYC Smokin' eye palette and Rimmel transparent lip liner (I've been watching way too many beauty videos on You Tube recently).

I then took a diversion which ended with me bagging two sets of PJs. On my way back to the car park I decided to pop in to Waterstones to 'do some research' for a book I'm collaborating on. I spent ages happily flicking through books of my childhood - The Tiger Who Came To Tea, Room on the Broom, Mog, and Slinky Malinky. I wished that I could buy them all (I didn't, things didn't get that out of hand). In the end I came away with a Jane Austen 5 Year Journal. I fail at writing a full journal, but think I can manage a short sentence a day. I plan to start it on my birthday. Just because.

So, into TK Maxx which is en-route to the car park (if going up the escalator, through the shop, out the other side and down the stairs can be called en-route). I found a lovely clutch bag in red and blue - perfect for a wedding I'm going to in September. And, randomly, some strawberry flavour soft liquorice. I've eaten too much of it and now feel a teensy bit sick.

Out of TK Maxx and down the stairs, I found myself in New Look. One pretty top and a massive, soft, blanket/scarf later and I finally decide to go home... after I'd made a pitstop in Patisserie Valerie for a Cherry Frangipan Tart and a latte.

After a short nap and a late lunch, I decided that it was probably time to do some of that work I'd spoken about...

Did you have a lovely Sunday?


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  1. That's an impressive short nip into town! Looks like you had fun though and bought some good stuff :)

    1. it definitely spiraled! It was fun though, I do love days like this.

  2. Ha ha, I know this feelign well! Well, I DO like that scarf!
    My Sunday felt a bit unproductive- I started off in Oxford, lounging around watching Bargain Hunt whilst eating Breakfast (I don't have TV, anything is exciting to watch!) then drove home to Essex, did 2 loads of washing hung them, did some putting away, watched House of Elliott and Doctor Who and blogged- eek!x

    1. It's a great scarf and so soft! Now I just want cold weather so i can wear it all the time.
      Sundays should just be about relaxing and pottering, getting bits done here and there...

  3. That actually sounds like an amazing day! And now I need to research a few of these products you spoke of!

  4. Sounds like a fab day! I need a day like that.

  5. I love days where you can just laze around and put things off. I wish I had more of them.

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