It's February, time to be frugal again

Sunday, February 02, 2014

I'm not sure where the idea for Frugal February originated but having successfully taken part a few years ago (inspired by Big Girl's Browse) and with a wish to save money this year, I've decided to do it again.

You all know the rules by now - only essential spending is allowed. Although I have to own up to having two rather fun outings already planned for this month. What's a girl to do? I'll just have to spend wisely on those days.

To help me spend less I'm going to plan my weekly meals by using more of what I have in the pantry and ban myself from buying any clothes. In January I spent just under £130 on clothes so I can't pretend I need anymore.

Since taking part last time, I've cancelled three magazine subscriptions and unsubscribed from almost all of the emails I received from online retailers. I realised that I was just flicking through the magazines before putting them to one side and forgetting about them, and my online impulse spending diminished because the I'd removed the temptation. Admittedly, I've swapped online retail therapy for a hefty Pinterest addiction instead, which is at worst a waste of time, at best it's free!

Have you taken part before? Did it change your spending habits? Any tips for saving a few extra pennies would be greatly appreciated!


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  1. Not done this before but it is a good idea. I've bought too many things in January after only buying one thing in the sale!x

    1. I found it really helpful last time, it helped me to see where I spent money needlessly. I'm hoping to make changes to my 'household' spend this time around.

  2. best of luck!! it's a nice short month, so hopefully it will be easy!

  3. Sounds like a great idea. I find that I can save loads of money by walking to the gym / leisure centre or parking down the road which is free.

    1. That's a good idea, I hadn't thought of that.

  4. I'm thinking about this. It's well timed, mostly because all of the things I'm planning to buy on the clothes front, are not hitting the stores until April-ish. The one thing I want to buy is a camera, so I'm thinking that if I spent nothing else (other than essentials) I could get that this month...Which I'm sure is not the point of the challenge, but hey.

    1. I think it works, it's about being aware of what you spend and if you buy a camera and nothing else you won't be left out of pocket.


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