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Thursday, October 31, 2013

This month I decided to share my new favourite place for Sophie's Show and Tell. My new office. I started to decorate in June and only moved in and started working in it a few weeks ago. There were many stops and starts, with interruptions and loss of enthusiasm. The prep work took such a long time and that's the bit I really don't enjoy so to start with it felt like a long, boring slog.

But once the paint was on the walls and the stain on the floor I got to do the bit I love - filling it with loveliness!

I'd been pinning inspiration for ages and I've still got some things left to do but the main thing is I'm in and I love it. Even Mr WOJ said 'it's nice in here, isn't it' - believe me that's glowing praise!

I received the rug I'd hinted about for my birthday (is sending a direct link to someone considered a hint?), it seems to be a blogger favourite as I've seen it on many blogs and Instagram feeds, but I love it and think it work perfectly in here.

I used the shelves I already had and my desk used to be our kitchen table, but I jazzed up the legs a bit. The Eames style chair used to live in my bedroom - it was the home of mounds of clothes, which now live on the floor, but I had always intended to use it at my desk. My cats seem to like it, every time I get up and leave the room I return to find one of them curled up on it.

The curtains and curtain pole were kindly sent to me by Dunelm - a place I have been known to shop once or twice... ahem! I wanted a neutral base to build upon so these voile panels were perfect!

This chest of drawers was here when we moved in, it's nothing special and I'd like to replace it with a sideboard at some point but it's the perfect place for my printer and offers some much needed storage. I have to put this basket of bits and pieces on top other wise this happens...

The chair is one I've had since I was a baby, it's an old school chair that my Dad painted pale pink for me. My brother had one in blue. When I was at college I decided to strip off the paint and varnish it, which is a shame really as by now it would be wonderfully battered and aged.

The mirror belonged to Mr Woj's Grandma, it's easily the oldest thing in the room and I love that I can have it in here. Eventually I'll hang it above the ficus plant and think of her when I look into it.

I also want to create a picture gallery on the wall behind my computer. I have collected a few bits and pieces to go up but need a few more - almost anything from here would do just fine.

The shelves and surfaces are looking a little sparse but I like the idea of finding bits and pieces to make it cosy and personal. I have the essentials covered though - pen pots, a place for business cards and a good diary to keep track of everything (with which the iPhone also helps).

I don't really want to put anything on my top shelf though because... how cute it this?

I'd like another chair in here and a non office looking filing cabinet to keep all the papers and officey stuff out of sight but that will happen in time. I'm also planning to make a clock and a waste paper bin, I just need to find a few spare minutes...

Linking up with Sophie's (final *sob*) Show and Tell Photographic Challenge.

Sophie in the Sticks

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  1. Wow, what a transformation. You have great taste. I love how light and airy, yet personality (and cat) filled it is. You've inspired me to simply tidy up! Xx

    1. Thank you, it's inspired me to get the rest of the house in order... that could take some time!

  2. It looks absolutely great! What a great transformation, looks like something I'd pin for inspiration :-)

  3. Looks fabulous hun and I love the bright pink table legs.

    X x

    1. They glow in the dark too, which was a random surprise :)

  4. Your new office space looks amazing. I'm inspired. I'm getting my room re done and it's such a mess at the moment!

    1. It's very therapeutic getting everything sorted. Good luck with your project x

  5. It looks amazing. Feeling inspired to sort my little workspace out now! Live the rug and pink desk. Oh and the cat on a shelf, need to get me one of those!

    Jenny | sunny sweet pea xx

    1. He is ridiculously cute, he sleeps there for hours!

  6. That's fantastic such a brilliant transformation and I love your cute cats in the photos too (another mad cat lady here! xx) :) xx

  7. That looks like a lovely place to work - every room needs a cat!

  8. What a super room you have created.

  9. Did I not comment already? Must have done in my head. It looks so stylish, it's very you Hazel. Belongs in a magazine :) x

  10. Oh that's so lovely, I want to move in and use it please! (As long as cats are included)


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