September Show and Tell

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

This month I have been spending time out in the garden, enjoying the last of the sunshine and seeing things start to change for the coming season. We haven't done a lot to the garden in terms of planting, so all of the colour comes from wild flowers or plants that were here before we moved in.

It's amazing what you can find if you really look, most of these plants are tiny little things that could easily be missed. We've had some spectacular early evening skies recently I have taken loads of photographs but the one shown here is my absolute favourite.

And finally, a photo of my boy cat. I often find him asleep in a sun spot in my greenhouse, I love the blissed out look on his face as he wakes up and stretches, and decides whether or not to sleep some more or wander off in search of some grub.

I can't believe we're in October already but I do like this time of year as plans for Christmas start to take shape in my head and it's still warm enough to enjoy being outside without too many layers on.

Sophie in the Sticks

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  1. So many pretty plant photos.

    1. Thanks Char, I rather enjoyed stomping around the garden finding these :)

  2. Your garden is far more interesting than mine at the moment! So much going on. What is that frightening big beetle creature? It's scaring me!
    Thanks for taking part Hazel x

    1. I don't know what it is, I really didn't notice it until I'd taken the shot, it sort of made me jump and I ran away! Hate bugs, especially ones that look like they can jump a good distance!

  3. Your garden looks amazing with all those plants. Nice sunset shot! Love your cat.

  4. The flowers are beautiful, and of course so is the kittycat!

  5. What lovely pictures of your graden- and the cat is so cute:)


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