The Great British Bag-athon

Monday, September 09, 2013

I've decided to finally tackle my over stuffed wardrobe and with the Great British Bag-athon running throughout September, the timing couldn't be better. The British Heart Foundation are hoping to collect a million bags of unwanted clothes and household items and turn them into life-saving research through their high street shops.

I do shop on the high street but I love nothing more than spending time rummaging in a charity shop. The thrill of finding something you love is far greater than picking something off the rails in a high street store. The savings to be had are an obvious bonus but one drawback can be that you end up buying things without trying them on, or really considering the suitability because something is only a few pounds. I've done this dozens of times which explains my over-stuffed wardrobe and the large number of items I have that rarely get worn.

On the flip side it means that I can regularly donate to charity shops and I feel that this is important, not only to support the charity but to keep these shops on our high streets. Use them or lose them!

Now that I've made some space and filled two bags, I'll be heading down to my local British Heart Foundation shop to drop them off. I don't think I'm going to be able to resist a quick perusal of the rails... rumour is they've had an influx of donations recently ;o)

Find out more about the British Heart Foundation here.

Are you taking part in the Bag-athon?

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  1. Really enjoyed your video. My wardrobe is so hideously messy that I can't even consider doing a video sort through, I'd just make it worse! Plus I fail at getting rid of much...

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it, I was a little nervous about posting it. I have to admit I tidied it up quite a bit before I started!

  2. Hello Hazel!

    You always have very inspiring blogs... so much so, that you've inspired me to start my own!

    1. Wow Dani! That's fab. Be sure to let me know when it's live x


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