A short run is better than no run at all

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Last Friday I completed my 5th run with the 5K Runner app and I'm pleased to say that the running bits felt a teeny, tiny, eeny weeny bit easier. I've switched my route and now I'm running on smoother terrain which could have something to do with it but I'm choosing to see it as progress!

I feel a little silly going out and running/walking (mostly walking at this point) for 30 minutes when people are running half marathons all around me but considering I haven't moved at anything over a brisk walking pace in three years I think I'm doing OK. I was talking to my brother about it at the weekend (he runs 10K regularly, for fun) and he said that it didn't matter how long or how far I go - the important thing is that I'm doing it, getting outside in the fresh air and not sitting on my ass. Older brother wisdom is the best!

After my first run I promised myself that if I managed 5 runs I'd treat myself to a sports bra. Running in a normal bra just doesn't seem right, but I wasn't prepared for how expensive they are! I wanted a proper one, not just a cropped vest but one specifically designed for running. Whilst I don't fall into the big busted category - hell, I'm not even in the medium sized category (my sister-in-law refers to me as 'doll sized') - I wanted to be sure I was properly supported. This is where I found my biggest stumbling block, A cups aren't very well catered for.

I wanted the Shock Absorber zip front bra that I saw on Rosie's blog but no matter where I searched, I couldn't find my size. I wanted one that had a fastening rather than an over-the-head job - I've always found these difficult to get on and off in the past, especially when hot and bothered after a workout.

In the end I settled for this Shock Absorber Run Bra, which has two fastenings at the back. I was tempted by the pink one but it cost over a tenner more than the white, which was £22.90 from Amazon (although compared to compared to £38 in Debenhams, it's a bit of a bargain). The most I've ever spent on a normal bra is about £15, so spending over £20 on a bra that I won't even be wearing all day felt a little bit like daylight robbery. Hey ho.

Images from Debenhams and Amazon

I also decided to buy an armbandfor my iPhone, as it's probably only a matter of time before I fall over and smash it or drop it in a puddle. Hopefully both will arrive before my next run.

Images from Amazon

I'm already eyeing up some new trainers (my reward for 20 runs) and it'll come as no surprise that all the ones I REALLY like happen to be in the upper price bracket! I used to work in a sports shop and had 'trainer training' regularly, so I understand that you're not just paying for the name but for the technology and processes that go into developing and making them. I am also aware that for regular runners (4-5 times a week), trainers should be replaced every three months - and at £80+ for the ones I REALLY, REALLY like, that makes me wince a little! Yes, there are cheaper ones out there that are just as good but they're not lovely colours and I have a feeling that lovely colours will make me run faster...

What are your favourite running buys?

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  1. BRAVO Hazel for sticking at the running - those first few ones where you're running/walking are the hardest and it's easy to think that you're simply not built for running, but you've already noticed an improvement and you will continue to do so. And remember, those marathon runners all started somewhere! So glad you went for a Shock Absorber, they are expensive but really are an investment, as are the right shoes. Well done again for what you've achieved so far and keep it up! :)

    1. Thanks Lucy! A few words of encouragement go a long way!
      Both items have arrived so I'm looking forward to my run today (it seems everything can be improved by a little retail therapy)


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