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Thursday, July 11, 2013

I've been loving my local charity shops recently. I've picked up three summer tops and a dress (cos I need another dress!) and a lovely pair of wide leg trousers, which are earmarked for a wedding reception in September. But my best buys have to be three leather bags. I am rather fond of a large shoulder bag - the sort that you can fit your entire life into - but back in April I found this cute little Wallis bag in the Cancer Research shop. It was in the sale (who knew they had sales?) at £1.40 - that's the same as a Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate fruit and nut bar (and guaranteed to last much, much longer).

Anyway it's so much smaller than the bags I normally lug around, I could only fit my purse, phone, keys and lip balm in it. And what a revelation! This little bag sat on my shoulder, neatly tucked under my arm and stayed there. No slipping off my shoulder or bashing people as they walked by, and, and this is the best bit, no having to hunt for my purse / phone / keys in the depths of a bag full of all manner of unnecessary paraphernalia. When I emptied one of my 'big ones' I found eight lip glosses. Eight!

This one looks a little boring but it's so soft and slouchy, it's so much nice in the flesh...

So, when I happened upon this Next bag (pictured top) for £3.25 and this Topshop bag for £3.75 (both leather) I grabbed them like a greedy child snatching at sweeties. They're all a bit beaten and worn but I quite like that, I think leather ages so nicely.

The only thing is that now I have to face the fact that maybe I don't need all of the bags currently filling the top shelf of my wardrobe...

I'm still yet to face the mammoth task of sorting out my wardrobe, my 'one in - one out' rule lasted about three days, so it just keeps getting fuller. I'm pretending that I'm busy doing other more important things at the moment. I've made a resolution to finished all the projects I have on the go before embarking on something new and I'm using it as a delay tactic from facing the beast that is my wardrobe!

What have you found in a charity shop recently?

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  1. Especially loving that first bag! xo

  2. Awwwww, preeeeeeeeeeeeetty bags!!!!!!x

  3. Oh I think the idea of a "one in, one out" rule is a great one. I don't think I have the willpower for that, though.

  4. The second purse is so cute!

  5. Oh wow, I am loving those bargains! I've been doing a wardrobe 'edit' and going to do a car boot sale to get rid of them xx

  6. I love the middle bag. I have had some recent charity shop/ebay findsx


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