Friday Letters #9

Friday, January 04, 2013

Dear Christmas, You were fun but I'm glad you're over. Time for some calm and a little normalcy (and a few more weeks of consuming Christmas chocolate).

Dear Resolutions of 2012, Yeah, that didn't really happen did it? I would say I'll try harder this year but let's face it, I won't.

Dear Celebrity Big Brother, You're still on air? Seriously?

Dear Natwest, It's been 23 years but I'm leaving you. That infernal code reader security wotsit was the final straw. And your 'advisor' told me to carry it in my handbag as "it's not very big". Have you seen my handbag? have you? Do you REALLY think I can fit another thing in there!! Tsk.

Dear Santander, Hello, it's nice to meet you. You had me at the idea of using a text message instead of a code reader thing-a-me-bob. And cash back on credit card purchases. I think we're going to get along just fine.

Dear iPhone, I'm so sorry that I dropped you again, this time not only breaking your screen but stopping it working altogether. I have bought you a new jacket, I know it's not very stylish, but it is only temporary. I'm on the hunt for something fabulous for you to wear.

Dear Self, Try eating a piece of fruit instead of chocolate once in a while, do some exercise (just a little) and at the very least crack open the cellophane on that meditation DVD you purchased well over a year ago.

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Hope you have a great weekend, no matter what you're up to.


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  1. haha!! some day that yoga dvd will be opened! maybe get the chocolate with cherries in it so you get fruit too? just an idea...

  2. Love the Friday letters. Chocolate dipped strawberries will answer the fruit vs chocolate problem!

    1. You're a bad influence. I like it!

  3. My HSBC card reader is the BANE of my life. If it wasn't for the fact that I've never been out of my overdraft in over 10 years I'd leave them. (And the fact that they stayed pretty cool in that whole banking crisis thing).


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