Only Once August #3

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Only Once August - half way through the month and all is well, I've managed to stick to my spending ban. Hurrah!

Day 9 This shirt has been around for a while but I haven't worn it recently. I felt the need for something easy to wear today, I knew it was going to be a long day so I wanted to be comfortable. I scrunch dried my hair to try to counteract the humidity, I desperately need a hair cut! I think Socks steals the show here, he's just so damn cute! And, yes, I did send ages rubbing his tummy :)

Day 10 I felt so girlie all day today, I wore flowers and pink and put my hair in, what my Mum always called, a hiccup - half up, half down. The skirt is a rarely worn item but I realised I've worn the cardy already this month, I wore it for as long as it took my to take the photos on Day 4 and then I got too hot and took it off. I can get away with that can't I? I'd genuinely forgotten that I'd worn it.

Day 11 I had a don't-know-what-to-wear day today. I tried on so many things only to take them off again. I had a busy day planned so I decided to go classic jeans and tee combo - when in doubt I revert to tried and tested outfits. The jeans have to be the most worn item in my wardrobe (the hole in the thigh was made when I stuck my jeans to my leg with superglue - not on purpose obviously) but the tee was purchased last year in readiness for this Summer, I think it's the third time I've worn it (which says something about the summer we've had!). The bag is a pre-loved purchase from eBay, sadly it's on its last legs as the strap is slowly stretching and will eventually snap. I don't think it's repairable but I will try.

Day 12 This green cardy was an impulse buy last year but one I keep coming back to every so often - here and here). The skirt was purchased along side the orange one worn on Day 2, only worn a few times. I was off to see a clairvoyant show so I felt a little arm party was in order - yep I was channeling a stereotypical fortune teller look. It was fascinating. I've had a few one-to-one sessions with a clairvoyant medium and this evening prompted me to book another session. It's soon - I'll keep you posted!

Day 13 Not my finest look but I got up late so I didn't have the luxury of time. The stripe top I wear a lot but the trousers are only one their fourth wear. Day 13 - a bad omen for a so-so outfit?

Day 14 I totally forgot about Everybody, Everywear today, the theme was monochromatic, but think I managed to wing it with this outfit. The dress was a January purchase, I've worn it once or twice since then, it's nice, simple. I think it's one of those things that gets over looked simply because I have a lot of clothes.

Day 15 Another red, white and blue day! This top hasn't been worn much and I don't think it'll be worn again after today. The seams have twisted and the hem is now uneven, so unless anyone knows of any neat tricks to straighten seams, it's heading for the charity bag. Shame, I love the colour and it's great for layering.

As well as shopping my wardrobe I have also been using makeup that I don't normally use (you know the stuff that gets put in a drawer and forgotten), it helps shift the focus from my spending ban. More on that in another post.

Hope your week is going well so far. Only two days until the weekend! Do you have nay exciting plans?


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  1. I really like your day 13 look! The long floral skirt is another gorgeous piece. Well done on not breaking the spending ban. I bought two pairs of tights. Not bad though.

    1. Oh I think tights can absolutely come under the banner if 'essentual' ;-)

  2. Some great outfits Hazel. Amazing what we can find hiding in the back of our wardrobes isn't it?

    X x

  3. Love that floral blouse in the first outfit, and your nautical look. Linking up to you again with this challenge - I must admit I haven't worn only new / barely worn items but it's certainly worked to get me focussing on things which haven't seeen the light of day in a while and try to work them into an outfit.

    1. Thanks for joining in. The rules are not set in stone, I just like to explore my wardrobe once in a while and mixing old pieces with more recent items really gets the most out of my wardrobe I find. Well done for sticking at it!

  4. you look so great in maxi skirts! and i love those tan trousers on you!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thank you, it seems that those trousers are a bit of a favourite :)

  5. Loveeee your outfits, all of them! xo

  6. Well done I wish I could do this. I think I could I set my mind to it but I love buying new things!!!

  7. Hello, Hazel! Nice post and you've a beautiful blog!

    Many cheers, F.

  8. You're doing really well Hazel! I really like many of these looks- you do red and stripes really well! (I joined in the challenge today (and really, I have been trying to wear things I don't wear this much too but not officially joining in!)

  9. loving all your outfits here! especially the khaki and pink and nautical! really lovely!xx


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