I scream for ice cream!

Monday, August 03, 2015

One of the things on my Summer List was to make my own ice cream. And here it is.

I found a no churn recipe on the BBC website and it appealed to my lazy cooking nature. It was super simple to make, it's basically some whisking, and folding, and finding a suitable container to freeze it in.

Apparently you can 'over whisk'. Who knew? I didn't (over whisk or know).

This recipe only had four ingredients - eggs, cream, caster sugar and vanilla extract. I don't know why but I thought there would be more to it than that.

I used vanilla extract 'with seeds', the vanilla alternative to the juicy bits in OJ. I think this gave a very authentic look to my ice cream. I did this on purpose obviously. Ahem.

Folding it all together was really satisfying, seeing the eggs disappear and then mixture turn a soft yellow.

And I have to say it was pretty bloody delicious!

I have visions of being introduced at parties like this, 'this is Hazel, she's a graphic designer and she makes the most wonderful ice cream'


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  1. That ice cream looks delicious. Well done you. I think this might be my mission for next year.

    1. It's so simple Sherin, you could do it tonight!

  2. Oh man, this looks amazing! I must make some! x

    1. Do! It's so delicious (and let me know when you do) x

  3. Haha, it would be wonderful to be introduced like that! It looks lovely :)

    Corinne x


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