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Saturday, August 29, 2015

It's my birthday today. I'm 40. Yep, the BIG FOUR-O.

I'm feeling OK about leaving my thirties, I can't see any point in freaking out about it. I can't stop time. Although it would be totally awesome if I could.

Can I still say 'totally awesome' at the age of 40? I wonder if I say 'totally awesome' in real life... *thinks about it* no, I don't think I do.

I'm off having a lovely day, snapping photos throughout, as I'm taking part in Jane and Louisa's A Photo An Hour again.

I'll pop the post up tomorrow, so you can see what a raucous day I'll have had (ahem), and the day after I'll be posting again. Because I've set myself a little challenge - to post everyday for 40 days.

I know that the key to getting things done is making the decision to do them. I always have numerous posts in my drafts folder, so I've made it my mission to publish them all.

Some are old, some are a bit personal so I've resisted hitting 'publish', some are recipes I've been wanting to try for an absolute age. There's a real hotchpotch of things to come. I hope you enjoy.

So I'll be back tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that...

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  1. I 1000% refuse to believe you're 40! But regardless of that, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! xx

    1. Thanks Laura, I've doubled checked in case I'd counted wrong, but it's true ;)

  2. Happy birthday! I love these photos of you (and agree with Laura, how are you 40?!)

  3. happy birthday to you!! i've been through it too and there is light at the end of the tunnel :)

  4. Happy birthday lovely girl! It is hard to believe you are 40- you look so young! I hope your day has been wonderful! I remember this time last year when you were talking about turning 40 and you were really sad that Andy didn't ask you to marry him for your birthday and wowsers, you are 40 and married!!x

    1. I know, what a difference a year can make.
      I had a really lovely day thank you x

  5. You're still looking incredible!! Hope you had a lovely birthday.

  6. Wow! Happy Birthday Hazel! You are most certainly the coolest 40 I know. And don't resist those personal ones, I'm looking forward to reading the next 40
    Alice x x x

  7. I know I'm a few days late but happy birthday! Hope you had a fabulous day and weekend! :-) xx

  8. Ha, just read this properly and answered my own question!x


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