Wardrobe Revisit

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Back in February I posted about looking back at old blog posts and set about styling up some of the older items in my wardrobe, that have previously featured on the blog, in three different ways. It's taken me a while!

Jeans - always the easiest of things to style up, but I have to be exactly in the right mood to wear this particular pair, they're very wide and I have to wear heels with them which just doesn't always appeal. But I do feel these are smarter than my ordinary jeans so they remain in my wardrobe.

The outfit on the left is a recreation of how I've worn these before. The top, shoes and bag are different as I no longer have the originals, but it pleases me that they've been replaced with pre-loved items that I wear / use regularly.

Obviously these where taken at very different times of year. The outfit in the middle (above) is the recreated version. Last time I only paired these boots with blue jeans, it hadn't occurred to me that I could wear boots in the warmer months but I think the tan boots work just fine (as long as it's not too hot), it's nice to wear them with something other than jeans and they cover my pale little leggies!

Black patent knee high boots aren't the easiest of things to style up in a heatwave so I leave these for cooler days (hence one of them being inside - rain). I couldn't / wouldn't wear these with bare legs - ever - which is probably why I wear them so much in the winter. The outfit on the right is how I wear these boots most often.

The outfit on the left is the recreated version, everything is the same except for the skirt which has been replaced by a pre-loved bargain skirt - only £2!

I have always loved this pink bag from Custard Designs but so rarely use it, it's a bit of a tricky colour but I won't be parted from it.

In all honesty, if it wasn't for this post I probably wouldn't have reached for this bag at all. So, hurrah! for that. My blog is (sometimes) about using everything in your wardrobe, or, at the very least, trying to.

This was the first outing for these trousers (middle), I picked them up whilst shopping with Sophie and Kezzie. They're a bit awful but I like them, the only reason they haven't been worn yet is because I don't have the right tops to wear with them. I don't like this particular pairing but it'll do for now *adds pretty navy top to shopping list*.

I next used it when wearing my go to dress for this summer (left). My navy drop waist ASOS dress (first seen here), I'm loving this dress, it's all kinds of easy to wear in the heat that we've been having. And it doesn't need ironing - bonus!

Lastly, I paired it with one of my July Favourite Three - my refound Next dress.

So there you have it, old stuff worn in new ways.

How often to do you 'shop your wardrobe'?

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, I think they'll be around for some time :)

  2. You make really lovely outfits!Those trousers look great! Sorry, I've been away camping and haven't caught up yet as only just got back! xx

    1. Thank you :) I do really like those trousers, despite them being a bit ugly!

  3. Love your jeans. The tan boots look great with the long dress, also liking the grey lacy skirt and pink bag. I wear lots of charity shop/jumble sale bargains.

    1. I love a rummage in a charity shop, but I haven't been to a jumble sale in years!

  4. I really love when you do posts like this, Hazel. I have a virtual wardrobe app which has the capacity to add in when you last wore an outfit or an item and I think it would be really interesting to see how much - or little - I wear certain things.

    1. I like creating these posts, I'm a little obsessed with wearing items as much as possible. I'm intrigued by the app!

  5. i like your style...and you have so much nice collection of fashion. Also this blog is wonderful, very fast load and very responsive. Keep blogging...my best regards!.


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