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Friday, August 21, 2015

I got me a new bag. Why? Because I'm hopping on a plane again soon eeeeeeeeeep!

When I flew out to Zurich for our honeymoon I found I was lacking in the hand luggage dept. I opted for a tote bag, which I then used as a day bag while we were away, but I could've done with something a little bigger.

I have a fear of my baggage going missing en route, so I always pack an emergency pair of pants, deodorant, and a toothbrush in my hand luggage. This along with the normal flying paraphernalia - passport, magazine, hand cream, boiled sweets, pen and puzzle book, phone, camera etc, etc - means I need a good size bag.

I knew I didn't want one of those drag along wheelie case thing-a-me-bobs (lost count of the amount of times I had to stop in my tracks to avoid being run over by one of those pesky things, the owner oblivious. And don't even get me started on those people who pull along two at the same time).

I digress.

As soon as the idea for the trip first started to form, I got all excited and ahead of myself and bought myself a new bag suitable for hand luggage.

I wanted to be sure that it would fit in the overhead lockers, I didn't want to get to the check-in desk only to be told my hand luggage was too big and have it taken away and put into 'The Hold', so I checked the luggage allowance.

Fun fact: some airlines have different size and weight restrictions, just to make it nice and easy for us passengers.

After some umming and ahing, and checking of dimensions, I opted for this Aztec print bag. It's cute and well made (especially considering the price) and has a handy pocket on the back for easy access to passport, boarding pass etc.

I guess I should tell you where I'm going? For my birthday Andy has treated me to a trip into the Sahara. It's something I've wanted to do since I visited Morocco over a decade ago. I can't believe I'm actually going, I'm going to sleep under the stars of the Sahara for three nights in October. I. Can. Not. Wait!!

With the trip booked my thoughts immediately turned to what to travel in. I love planning a capsule wardrobe to take away with me and what I wear to travel in is always one that gets a lot of thought.

I tend to go cabin casual. I'd love to turn up looking polished and uber stylish but, let's face it, I'm no A-list celeb. I'm not turning left when I get on a plane.

I look for things that won't wrinkle, won't get uncomfortable to sit in for long periods of time, and that make a reasonably presentable outfit. All the time I keep in mind an article I once read about surviving a plane crash (honestly, I'm not a nervous flyer, I just think it pays to be prepared). It said, wear trousers, don't take your shoes off, remain sober and sit near an emergency exit.

So this puts pay to a cute dress and wedges combo.

I'll fly wearing a classic t-shirt and skinny jeans combo with a scarf worn as a shawl, it will suffice for warmth in the airport and doubles as a handy blanket on the plane. Wearing a scarf like this always makes me feel like a seasoned traveler, I have no idea why but it gets me in the holiday mood.

My feet will be slipped into something casual, flat and comfortable. I always forget how much walking is required from car park to plane and there is nothing worst than a badly timed blister.

And a hat. Wearing it, so it doesn't get squashed en route.

What do you wear to fly in?

I have been compensated by Purple Parking for writing this post, but this is a genuine post, all excitement of generous birthday gifts, hatred of pull along bags and fears of lost luggage are entirely my own.

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  1. I dress pretty much the same as you for flying, and I really now feel I need to further this sameness by buying that bag! x

  2. That's is so exciting, what a fabulous birthday surprise!!

  3. How sweet is he for booking that for you?! Wow!! Your travel.attire would be similar to mine except for the jeans. I'd probably wear loose, thin material trousers.

    1. He is the sweetest!
      I wouldn't normally travel in skinny jeans but these are really comfy - they have a lot of stretch, so I feel like I'm wearing leggings. Best. Jeans. Ever.

  4. How sweet. I look forward to hearing some more about your travels.

    Lizzie Dripping

  5. Oh wow that sounds like an amazing trip! I dress pretty much the same as you. I've been using the same travel bag for years, plenty of pockets to put travel plugs, books and travel things x

    1. It seems to be a pretty standard outfit but it can easily be personalised with accessories.
      I think this will be my go-to cabin bag from now on, one thing I like about it is that it's big but not heavy - I put enough in it to make it weigh without the bag being heavy to start with!


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