What makes my brown boots green?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I adore my Dream In Green boots from Spartoo, but was curious as to what made them 'green'. The website stated that they were environmentally friendly due to 'vegetal tanning'. I wasn't sure what that meant exactly - queue Google, no results. No results - how can that be? I contacted Spartoo via their Facebook page, and it turns out that it was a typo. It should've read 'vegetable tanning', I should've guessed really...

Anyway, Dream in Green are - to quote Spartoo - 'profoundly eco-friendly'. They use natural and recycled materials and keep down the air miles by manufacturing everything in Europe.

Taken with the camera sat on my sewing box on the floor

I won these boots when I took part in the Style Is ethical fashion competition in early 2013 and so it seemed fitting to wear them for an entry - £100 of shoes up for grabs? Yes please.

If you fancy entering the details can be found here, the competition runs until the end of April.

Here is my entry - You'll have to use your imagination to put the photos together, after my tripod took a tumble not long ago and broke (along with my camera) it's been hard to take any outfit shots! I'm having to make do with placing my, new and fabulous, camera on bits of furniture in lieu of a tripod.

Thinking about it, the last time I broke my camera was just before one of these competitions - Ceri, have you jinxed me?

Taken holding the camera at arms length

My outfit is almost entirely ethical (I draw the line at second hand under garments), in addition to my boots, I'm wearing a pre loved maxi dress from ebay, and a brooch found on ASOS Marketplace. I've had this for ages but haven't worn it until now, it seems the perfect embellishment for this dress.

This one was taken with the camera on a chest of drawers

And this one on top of my sewing box, on the same chest of drawers...

So, there's my entry, will you be joining in?

Good luck!

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  1. Hazel, you look stunning and I really adore those boots, what a great pair x

  2. Great boots and I do love a stripe maxi dress xx

  3. awesome entry and awesome outfit. those boots are so great, too!

  4. I love boots with a long skirt and the brooch is a lovely touch

  5. Great boots! Always nice to know they are environmentally friendly too - and good on you for doing some research on them!


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