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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

IFB Project #91  |  What does sustainable style mean to you?

I kinda gave away the ending in my title but, for me, pre loved is the most sustainable form of style. I haven't always had much luck in charity shops but I've learned the art of rummaging, realised that you have to be in the right mood and have plenty of time. A good rummage can not be rushed.

My latest charity shop haul - Wallis leather bag, brand new M&S cardigan, strappy top J by Jasper Conran.

In addition to charity shops, I trawl eBay, ASOS Marketplace and Esty for pre loved items and handmade jewellery. I also love a good clothes swap. Every six weeks I organise a clothes swap in aid of a local charity, there have been five now and it's turning into a little community, I see the same faces returning each time and now I've begun to notice some of the swapped items coming back and going home with someone else. The idea that something has been worn before may not be everyone's cup of tea but I love the idea that an item is worn and enjoyed rather than languishing in someone's wardrobe. 

I don't mind were an item is originally from as long as I like it. I've never found any great designer or vintage pieces but that's not what it about for me, I'm not saying I wouldn't be thrilled with such a find, but it's more about cutting down on waste and, let's be honest, it's great for the purse too.

I do shop on the high street because not everything can be found second hand and what's more I believe there needs to be a balance. I was thrilled to find Measure Up, a website that rates high street stores on their ethical credentials, because it means I can make more informed choices about which high street stores I use. 

I know many of you love pre loved, what's your favourite find?


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  1. I can never make my mind up about my favourite - the most recent ones tend to force themselves to my attention. I think it's probably the Kookai tapestry coat that I found on a hot July day at a car boot sale. Everyone loves it!

  2. i don't know what my favorite find is. however, my mom called me at work today to ask if i wanted her to buy a pair of frye boots at a thrift shop in my size. sight unseen, i said yes!

  3. Hey! Great post- all very sound reasons for buying Pre-loved! Not sure on my favourite purchase- there have been many that I have loved! I love a Coast coat I bought in a charity-shop -it's red and white checked and it's great!x

  4. I never seem to find things I like in charity shops, or if I do, the price is so high that I could have bought the item brand new. I don't think I go to the right charity shops.

  5. I buy the occasional item in charity shops and I do love a rummage in them. z

  6. I do love a good rummage in the charity shops and I have found the odd gem x


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