Am I all grown up now?

Monday, April 29, 2013

For the past year I've been bemoaning shoe manufacturers for making shoes 'on the skimpy side'. But it was only recently that I contemplated the possibility my feet had grown. I've been a size 5 since the age of 14 so I found the discovery somewhat bewildering - I'm an adult, I should've done all my growing.

This has an obvious downside - a shoe collection that no longer fits - but also an upside - shoe shopping!

Luckily, having been forced to buy the size up due to what I thought was stingy manufacturing, I have some shoes in my collection that are already a size 6, so all is not lost.

I have made a small start on repairing the damage. My first purchase was a pair of TOMs - yes, I know, in the past I have called them 'bandages-with-soles' but I've grown to like them.

They're super comfy and I love the fact that they give a child in need a pair of shoes for every pair sold. And now I'm hankering after the pink pair and the pansy pair too (think of the children).

Next up, I found these whilst killing time in London recently. It really is better for my purse if I'm kept busy at all times but, well, just look at them!

 Just out of the box and covered in cat hair already!

I'm thinking team with rolled up skinny jeans and a slouchy top, wear with my stripe maxi and various summer shift dresses.

It took me a while to face the task of deciding which pairs had to go. In the end I waited until I was in a less than good mood, making me less sentimental, I ended up with quite a pile!

The damage? 5 pairs of ballet flats, 4 heels, 3 pairs of boots and 1 pair of brogues but much more room in my wardrobe. Luckily my gold brogues, my bronze heels and my silver sandals all survived! Hurrah! for metallics. The sad thing is I think there are still more that need to go...

But still more to buy (every cloud).

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  1. wow, good for you! that's a feat (feet ;) to get rid of so many shoes! and yes, think of the children!

  2. I went up a shoe size when I was pregnant with my first child, some 24 years ago now. I was always a 5 then became a 6! xx

    1. I wouldn't mind if there was a good reason for it - such as yours.

  3. I love TOMS so much. They're such a fantastic shoe brand!

  4. I adore Toms too! I didn't know that's what you think of them! I own two pairs in funky textures- one in turquoise cordhuroy (wearing them on today's post!) and the other in red sequins! Your ones are very cool- I'd definitely like a plain pair (and my fiance wants your ones!!!)x

    1. Ooh your Toms are nice! I think it's safe to say that these will end up being my go-to shoe this summer.

  5. Gosh, that's a lot of shoes to wave goodbye to in one sitting. I can't believe I'm hearing you say you've bough TOMS and creepers - oooh you've changed?! Do love those creeperesque office shoes, they are pretty amazing I grudgingly have to admit x

    1. Haha! I know, what's happened to me?
      It's often the case that things grow on me. That said I'm still not keen on traditional creepers. It was the studs that won me over on these, they're shiny and very tactile :-)


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